A man who tried to establish a Jedi church is attacked by a dozen vaders

We talked about before,I am trying to establish a Jedi church in WalesMr. Barney Jones seems to have been attacked by Darth Vader while photographing the documentary of the establishment plan.

The power of the Jedi strengthens, use the force for yourselfCisIs it dangerous for you?

Details are as below.Star Wars comes to Holyhead as Darth Vader strikes back in Jedi's back garden - Telegraph

Mr. Jonba Hehol of the Jedi Master (real name is Barney Jones) was planning to set up a Jedi church to do preaching about the Force and training the lightsaber. However, when receiving an interview about the establishment of the church in the garden at home, a person wearing a mask of Darth Vader got over the fence in the garden and attacked it.

Darth Vader had a metallic crutch in place of a lightsaber, and after knocking down a Jedi Master, it made an attack on a TV crew.

Regarding Vader, police are currently investigating, "This is not a joke, it really happened," Jones said.

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