A movie the Star Wars imperial army attacks at our house on Christmas morning

"What you get for a Christmas gift" is the most fun for children, but when you receive a light saver, the Imperial Army may come to our house and become a fight.

Duracell Star Wars Commercial: Battle for Christmas Morning - YouTube

A boy who came back to his room.

Jump on the bed and set the batteries at once.

It seems I got a lightsaber as a Christmas gift.

The Imperial Army has launched an attack, whether he was impatient with the birth of a new Jedi.

There are R2 - D2 and C - 3PO in the room. I am advised that it is dangerous from the C - 3 PO ... ...

"My sister is dangerous", I will have a lightsaber.

A young Jedi that bounces off the attacks of Stormtrooper.

There is no enemy at the troops.

Descending downstairs, the living room is peaceful. Did his father keep up with AT - AT 's huge model, even in the strategy of capture of the Imperial Army?

My sister seems to be outside, and my mother entrusted another light saber "Only you can count on".

Jumping out, Stormtrooper is taking her sister.

However, when I could speak out of my older brother, I knocked down two troopars in my body skill.

And I will have a green lightsaber.

From the other side of the house, AT-AT, TIE fighter, and several Star Destroyers came and it seems that the Imperial Army is in the position of total attack.

Furthermore, the troopers appeared, and the two Jedi fight against each other boldly.

......, parents who look at the two children playing from the window.

The Imperial Army everything was the imagination of children.

Everything is the CM of the battery, but it is very exciting.

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