Finally 1 TB HDD divided 20,000 yen

In October 2007I tell you that 1 TB of HDD has divided 30,000 yenAbout half a year later, I divided 20,000 yen.

When considering it as a unit price per 1 GBThe 500 GB model is cheaperHowever, it may be perfect for cases where multiple HDDs can not be mounted, such as a space-saving type desktop.

Details are as below.
Major price comparison site "Price .comAccording to price information published in "1 TB internal HDD made by WESTERN DIGITAL"WD 10 EACS"Is 199999 yen at 23:00 on March 28, 2008, 20,000 yen divided by 20,000 yen.

Price .com - WESTERN DIGITAL WD 10 EACS (1 TB SATA 300 7200) Compare Prices

Price variation graphIt is like this. It is increasing that 20,000 yen will be divided from around 20th March.

Besides WESTERN DIGITAL, 1 TB model of SEAGATE, HGST (Hitachi IBM) is approaching 20,000 yen.

Price .com - SEAGATE ST31000340AS (1TB SATA300 7200) Price comparison

Price .com - HGST (Hitachi IBM) HDS721010KLA330 (1TB SATA300 7200) Price comparison

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