Sakehi city liquor store sells sake of "Lucky Star" label

Popular in animation and mangaLucky ☆ Star"It is said that alcohol liquor labeled will be sold at the liquor store in Satte.

Satte City is considered to be the town where hero and Izumi Konata appear in "Lucky Star" and original goods and gift certificates have been planned by the Society of Commerce in Sat. City, and in the adjacent Washimiya Town there is a characterIssued up to resident cardI was wondering if this sake will be popular as well.

Details are as below.Saitama ken Sotto shi drinking

This is a label to be pasted with limitations.

The back label looks something like this.

"Jun rice liquor Toyohiko Limited Lucky Star label" will not be sold online shop or mail order, it will only be sold at the shop. Release is from March 25 (Tuesday), and purchase requires a thing that can confirm the age.

Since sales start is on weekdays and there are age restrictions, it seems that there are a limited number of people who can go to buy immediately after launch, but if you live near you may go looking.

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