Two-year-old infant who regularly dies if not ingesting Viagra

Despite being two years old, there are boys who have to take Viagra regularly to keep their lives. He seems to use Viagra to relieve symptoms because of chronic pulmonary hypertension.

Details are as below.The two-year-old boy kept alive by daily doses of Viagra the Daily Mail

It is generally known as a drug for treating erectile dysfunction Viagra, but because it has the effect of promoting vasodilatation it may be used for treatment of chronic heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. Pulmonary hypertension increases the blood pressure of the pulmonary artery and decreases the amount of oxygen taken in, pulmonary hypertension causes shortness of breath, it seems to accompany nosebleeds, dizziness, chest pain.

Oliver Sherwood, who receives treatment at the hospital. One tablet of Viagra is administered in 4 divided doses a day.

His mother, who is also a nurse, says, "Viagra is an expensive medicine but it is among the cheapest as a medicine for pulmonary hypertension." However, when it grows it will not be effective in Viagra, so it will be costly to take action.

Five children in the UK each year are diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, but survival rate is low even after treatment, it seems that they will die for almost 5 years.

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