Vodka is administered to save patients' lives at the hospital

The medicinal alcohol used in normal treatment was lost at the hospital in Australia, so the patient seems to have survived the patient by administering vodka from the tube attached to the nose by the doctor.

Although liquor is said to be the head of hundreds, the power of vodka is tremendous.

Details are as below.ABC News Here 's Your Health Vodka IV Saves Life

It was a 24-year-old Italian man who was supposed to receive vodka. At the Mackay Hospital in the northeast of Queensland Province, we were diagnosed and ingested a large amount of Ethireing recall, the main component of antifreeze, causing renal failure.

According to Pascal Gelperowicz, a doctor at Mackay Hospital, the patient arrived at the hospital and used medicinal alcohol to control the toxicity of Ethireling recall, but it seems that the stock in the hospital was exhausted immediately. "The next best way was to administer vodka using a nasogastric tube," Pascal says. Explaining about buying vodka in a box, it seems that the administrator of the hospital also understood it.

For Italian men, three intensive vodkas were administered per hour in the intensive care unit for three days. Although he seems to be recovering smoothly, it is thought that he ingested the Ethireling recall is due to suicide.

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