What is the future that male hormone 'testosterone' becomes a medicine for rejuvenation and gender identity disorder?

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testosteroneAnd is a type of male hormone, increased muscleAt the time of secondary sex characteristicsWhat affects the formation of male body characteristics.50% increase in testosterone secretion when wood-burningAlthough it is told to do, it is also possible to ingest testosterone by supplements or injections in search of effects such as "masculine body", "aging prevention effect", "sexual desire enhancement". It is summarized with the actual example that testosterone which does not apply such insurance has the effect as "therapeutic drug of" rejuvenation "" gender identity disorder ".

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A 56-year-old ex-ophthalmologist, Mr. Paul Campion's tummy was sagging until three years ago, but since the beginning of ingestion of testosterone supplements, the body shape began to change, and now it is tightened from age 30 We are maintaining. Mr. Campion said three years ago a medical system startup specializing in "age management"Cenegenics"I visited. Cenegenics prescribed Mr. Campion a diet training menu and testosterone. Within six months thereafter, Mr. Campion's body fat rate has decreased to 9%.

Mr. Campion, who got a tight body, decided to continue taking intake of testosterone and change his specialty as a doctor. After that, I have opened a clinic as a testosterone · doctor. In addition, because testosterone is not covered by most clinics and hospitals in the US, it is all the cost of the patient. Mr. Campion's clinic is no exception, the cost is $ 5000 (about 600,000 yen) in the first session and 1000 dollars (about 120,000 yen) monthly after that. The patient performs a blood test every 3 months and records the trend of hormonal balance. Although it is quite expensive, most of patients continue to testosterone without stopping halfway.

Users of testosterone report effects such as "energy rise", "muscle augmentation" "body fat reduction" "libido enhancement" "healthy life feeling" effect. "Testosterone is said to be close to" antioxidant, "risks can be controlled by most people," testosterone is surprisingly powerful There is an effect, as if I returned at the age of 35. " In the US, 4% of the 60s are taking testosterone, the sales volume in 2013 has reached 14,000 kg,AbbVieFamous "Testosterone · gel"We are selling $ 1 billion a year (about 120 billion yen) annually.

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As mentioned above, testosterone is getting popular among wealthy middle-aged people who want to regain youth,TransgenderIt is also effective for people with troubles. Mr. Courtney Ziegler, a businessman, was biologically "female," but living socially as a "male." He lives medical as a man, he said he began testosterone injection. Mr. Ziegler's body showed a masculine change every day after administration. Mr. Ziegler said, "My face, arms and legs grew bigger and my voice got lower, menstruation ceased, places where hair grows changed, I was able to experience significant changes." Along with this change, there was not any pain or burden on the body, in particular.

Mr. Campion who ingests testosterone for 3 years and Mr. Ziegler who continues to consume for 6 years have not experienced any health problems and it is believed that testosterone can continue to be processed without trouble in the liver. It is a clinic specializing in hormone therapy, it is necessary to manage hormonal balance firmly after receiving explanation about medical risk, but insurance is applied as testosterone prescription medicine of "rejuvenation" or "transgender" It may not be so long, too.

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