Headline news on 7th March 2008

"Golden proportion pudding" in which egg yolk and fresh cream selected by the strongest purine excavation are exquisite balanceRenew from March 25 (Tue)It is said to be done. It is already a golden ratio, so the balance of the amount itself seems to have not changed, but the taste of caramel sauce seems to change. Also, the package is changed slightly and it becomes a clean atmosphere. Just putting a name that sounds greatIt was very delicious when I ate before.So you can also recommend it for pudding.

So, next MondayMarch 10. In 266 Shima Fire deprived the throne from Cao Ca, and Wei was destroyed, and in 1876 Graham Bell succeeded in the world's first conversation by telephone. In 1945 there was a Tokyo Air Raid that was held by the American Army during the Second World War. In addition, besides Kim Yamashita, a wandering painter known for tear-off paper work, was born in 1922, Kiyoshi Atsumi, an actor known for his car Torajiro's series of "Men Hiratsuyo" series, in 1928, "Ninja Hut Rilkkun" Fujiko Fujio A with many famous works such as "Sorry to make you laugh" was born in 1934.

Today's headline news.
Mr. Max, "Japan's lowest price" 22-inch LCD TV with digital terrestrial & HDMI - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Hardware, 22 inches optimum for second and personal use LCD television of the order of 40,000 yen)

Pioneer to jointly develop plasma panel with Matsushita(Hardware, Pioneer's plasma panel own production ended with next KURO)

Castrade, 8 type liquid crystal with built-in analog tuner(Hardware, inexpensive LCD TV want to put on the bedside)

Evergreen, 999 yen aluminum enclosure canal type earphone(Hardware, 5 colors to choose)

Mobile Business Revitalization Plan Evaluation Meeting Part 1: Was the mobile industry changed with "activation plan" - Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications held an evaluation meeting (1/2) - ITmedia + D Mobile(Looking back on the introduction of mobile, installment sales, etc.)

Nippon Telecommunication, requesting docomo for end-end fee setting right(Mobile, because there is no final charge setting right, customers are confused)

"Tigers Keitai" appeared on 1,000 T base based on 815 T(Mobile, Tigers Phone has appeared in the past)

Softbank and KDDI antagonize with about 200,000 net increase ─ ─ February subscriptions - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, net increase of each company, WILLCOM is net decrease)

Apple announces "iPhone 2.0" beta version including SDK - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile and iPhone software development kit launched)

145 requests for the opinion of the next-generation network. Softbank points out anti-monopoly violation(Opinions about memo and lending out of optical fiber in 1 branch unit as well)

Provide information by region by NHK, One Seg data broadcasting(Internet service, distribution of weather information matching local area etc)

Experiments of advertisement banner in commercial broadcasters, one-segment broadcasting data broadcasting(Net service, formulated banner advertisement frame of common size)

Tokyo Newspaper: Galaxy Railway 999 "Mr. Chuo-san" To Honorary Station Master Seibu Line Oizumi Gakuen Station: Society (TOKYO Web)(Memo, renamed local shopping area "Yumeharu")

J-CAST News: The primary concern is that savings money is "poor generation"(Memo, the number of neighbors in the vicinity, etc., because we know the reality of society, we choose a solid line and increase in twenties who do not go to drinking party etc)

Nazo arbitrage ... Home referee international match is OK (soccer) - sponach Sponichi Annex news(Sports, Masayoshi Hayami who disagreed warnings will not be able to referee the J-League)

Walls that can not be crossed (゚ д ゚): Staff travel fee of 8 - 90,000 yen per person, most of the cost 20 million yen from road specified resources ... Public Land Compensation Organization - livedoor Blog (blog)(Civil servant, what a crowd of lucky you say)

Asahi.com: Coordinated with the establishment of 'Consumer Agency' Government · LDP and related sector integration - Politics(Government, conducting on-the-spot investigation etc. of bad vendors in the role of bundling consumer life centers)

VIP figure thread @ wiki - Frequently Asked Questions(Notes, basic figure of figure)

"Hitman" to Hollywood movies / Famitsu.com(I care about how to make that game movie)

I'm breaking game news @ Blade: a too much oversurgical DS game for male girls coming out from Bangnam next week(Game, I'm worried about how much I can sell)

Alchemist: "Alke Festival" thanks to fans Yukari Tamura held on April 12, Haruko Momoi also appeared (Eito Web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Memo, priority entry when bringing Alchemist's game software for admission free)

Street fighter Ⅳ (Arcade base of game, street fighter IV is 2.4 million yen)

Clunado theatrical version release "Do not be conscious of Kyo animation"(Anime, it's kind of glittering)

Game * Spark -: Xbox 360 with Blu-ray released? It is! Sony and Microsoft are in talks(In the case of installing Blu-ray from the game, because HD DVD is poor)

"With this Ghost in the shell ___ 1.5, the manga's Ghost in the shell has ended"(Manga, sample plot submitted for manga and animation depicting Public Security Section 9 after doll use)

F5 Cha w w Bleach Latest volume Reading in 5 minutes www(Manga, what is ... ...)

Lyrics of lyrics No. 2: Alfalfa mosaic(Memorandum is also eerie but number 2 is more direct)

Window Forever - 【NEWS】 Search and browse 2channel's DAT files in a database style "Thread full text search"(Search software, locally saved DAT file)

Painful news (No ∀ `):" Lantis suite "sung by amateurs of Nico Nico showed the first appearance of Oricon Daily 9th(Memo, this was out so unexpectedly)

"That second CD not understanding which layer was made a target"(Memo, Bishojo Serif Collection CD)

It is awful! When I looked for a house in my boyfriend 's house before this I did hakaen erotic books (゜ ゜) ... - Yahoo! Chiebukuro(Memo, she found a erotic book by looking for a boyfriend 's house)

My husband seems to learn magic. Pig Speed ​​(`· ∞ · ')(Memo, magicology to learn dare to the age of science)

School back site: Preventing bullying "Countermeasure" Opened in April - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Memo, Advisor for Net Bullying Advisor will be qualified)

Where is the secret hot spring in Japan? Excite News(Note, it is not secret if it is known)

Female sentenced in Russia, beauty contest in the facility | Excite News(Overseas, who was planning it?)

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