Headline news on October 4, 2007

According to the Asahi newspaperOsaka's nurse's white coat turns into a jerseyThat's right. Since the dissatisfaction that underwear was difficult to move and underwear got through from the scene was increased from the scene, it gradually changed to a shirt using a stretchy jersey material and a dark blue pantalon. It is said that they plan to switch over at Osaka municipal four hospitals from next April over three years. It is said that there is a tendency for conventional white coats to be fewer nationwide, so the day when the white coat completely disappears from the hospital may not be so far.

So, tomorrowOctober 5. In 1894, Japan's first monthly timetable was published, and "Sazae-san" (Fuji TV series) began broadcasting in 1969. And in 1991 Linus Torvalds made the Linux kernel public for the first time. Besides being a singer and a celebrity celebrity of a talent born in 1949, an actress Kuroki Hitomi was born in 1960, and supercomputer designer Seymour Cray died in 1996.

Today's headline news.
Business Media Makoto: How much will I get a bonus for winter?(Business, average of 1 part listed companies is 74 million yen)

Future forecast, fluctuation in annual income by industry in 3 years(Business, the chemical / pharmaceutical industry that is expected to rise most)

Number of rich households in the world, 14% increase in 2006 = survey | Ameba News(Economy, the pattern that the gap widens spreading)

"I am surprised when I die" Tsukuba men donate 100 million yen (Sankei Shimbun) - Yahoo! News(I'm curious as to what will be used for notes)

WIRED VISION - "Rules" discovered in Japan and phenomena of mystery(Business, Japanese consumer electronics mass merchants seen from foreigners)

Google announces global clean-up projects News - CNET Japan(Environment, designate areas to be cleaned with Google Maps)

Business Media Makoto: "Keep the air conditioner on until you get up in the morning" - Approximately 30% in Tokyo and Osaka(Environment, this summer was also hot)

New Efforts for Developing Advanced IT Human Resources "National College of Caravan"(Memo, a caravan aimed at improving interest in technology of technical college nationwide)

NEWS | As Japan's first mobile phone operator to officially adopt mobile IP phones Tie-up with JAJAH to realize 'cheap, convenient' calls EM / ONE α standard installed | eMobile(Mobile, voice call is realized by IP phone)

NEWS | Latest OS to Offer "EM · ONE" Paid Upgrade Service to Microsoft (R) Windows Mobile (R) 6 for Microsoft (R) Windows Mobile (R) 5.0 Loaded Machine | eMobile(Mobile, upgrade fee is about 10,000 yen)

Press release presentation: Expanding the function of "2 in 1" | News | NTT DoCoMo(Mobiles, incoming call refusal settings for each number and so on are possible)

Mitsui Fudosan attracts "Kidzania Kansai (tentative name)" to "LaLaport Koshien" and plans to open in March 2009 in the floor building(Memo, that vocational experience facility for children finally finally Kansai)

A compact body with a horizontal width of 61 cm that enables combination with various TVs regardless of installation location, making it easy to install. Thin-type home theater YAMAHA digital sound projector "YSP-500" compatible with flat-screen TVs to further expand the listening area with the newly developed "My Surround" function(Hardware, speaker that realizes real 5.1 ch with 1 unit)

Alpine releases car navigation that can be updated in about 20 minutes to adopt "difference map" system(Hardware, 1 time update free if purchased within 3 years)

14.1 type wide notebook personal computer "Mebius" released 2 models | News release: Sharp(Hardware, laptop computer supporting One Seg broadcasting)

WIRED VISION - A guitar that will tune automatically, from Gibson(Hardware, built-in motor in the head part)

Jordan, boarding location information on 'Transit Information NEXT' expands nationwide(It also corresponds to net service, car number display of Shinkansen etc)

2 Channel summary Summary of site(2ch, summarizes blog update information such as painful news and new speed)

Friday: Issuing suspension plan for the scheduled release on May 5 Is it wrong with the photographer - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(It seems that I mistook the name and face picture of the disciple who added assault, the mass communication)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Laughter in comics(Manga, there are lots of funny laughter, but it is only after pairing with the picture)

Raroku 2 Bikinman is not really a bikinin man.(The story, Dolkin's tears will cry)

Let's experience the world of 'Mushishi' 'Mushishi - Tenri Furusato' (Famitsu) - Famitsu.com(Game, game to collect "bugs" in DS)

WIRED VISION - US elderly power explodes: "Wii" Bowling National Congress(Game, Wii is very popular)

Microsoft executive officer: "There is something to learn from Wii" News - CNET Japan(Game, Microsoft is overstretched in the Japanese market)

GameSpark - Really existed ... "Halo DS" Phantom gameplay video(FPS seems to be difficult with game, DS)

Enter the video business with ".hack - G.U. TRILOGY"! "Cyber ​​Connect Connect Two New Business Strategy Presentation Meeting" Held [Video Added] - Famitsu.com(Note, released in January 2008)

Japan.internet.com Web Business - A dream collaboration of the animation world "soft atom" is born(Anime,"Soft tank"Astro Boy" collaboration)

【2ch】 Daily thread guide: live-action version "Magister Teacher Negima!" Great Association(Drama, black Maybe I could have met at the moment of the birth of history

Who decides the speed limit of the road?(Transportation, German speed limit is too loose)

Rambus Q Mystery of the human body that may not have been known 10(Organism, Human Body High)

Underwear "Bandage pants" born from the world's first bandage | Ameba News(Apparel, use of "BLESS BANDAGE" excellent also in breathability and quick drying)

CNN.co.jp Suddenly nude image in the classroom "High school citizen" in class - USA(Education, a teacher's memory stick contains a nude image)

Circle K Sunkus, outside sakusaku releasing moist original "melonpan"(Food, melonpan of crunchy mofumov)

Kikkoman appreciation resolution submitted to US Congress - MSN Sankei News(By contribution to food, food culture)

Why is Matsutake so expensive?(Food, it seems that there was a production volume 100 times the current in 1952)

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