Headline news on October 5, 2007

Anime starting from the autumn "Genshoken 2Author ofMr. KidioThe school festival executive committee of Tsukuba University, which is also a graduate school of the university, will be hosting the school festival to be held from 6 to 8 October tomorrowShunfeng FestivalService that can place comments in real time on live video "Nyafupafu video"It was started. I have been going live video distribution of the state of the venue so far, but it seems that I added comment function to enjoy more realistic feeling. Although the school festival has not started yet, it seems that many comments have already been attached.

So, next TuesdayOctober 9. In 1945 GHQ started preliminary censorship of the newspaper, and in 1962 the Ministry of Health and Welfare's "Drug G Men" launched for the first time. In 1981 the drama 'From the North Island' started broadcasting on Fuji TV. Also, in addition to being born in 1940, John Lennon, the core member of the Beatles, was born in 1975 by Sean Lennon, the son of John Lennon and Ono Yoko, and Masutaro Masataka who was the Yomiuri Shimbun company 1969 He died in the year.

Today's headline news.
The fun of "Nico Nico Douga" understood in 3 minutes: ITpro(Analysis that it is a composition that can be enjoyed by three tiers of net service, "video and its comments", "tag", "Nico Nico market")

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Negative information retrieval system(Administrative disposition history database of net service, businesses under jurisdiction under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)

Jordan, convenient for transferring "ride position display" nationwide correspondence(Software, useful for people traveling by train on a tight schedule)

I-O, Download "Mach USB" to speed up USB(Software, similar to TurboUSB)

"To protect the Windows ecosystem" IE 7 becomes available without authorized user authentication(Software, pirated Windows so IE 7 can be used)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: Earphones that can "customize sound" with parts exchange, from Tohoku Pioneer(Hardware, 80 possible customization possible)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: Hitachi Maxell releases 'iV player' next spring(Hardware, players who can replace cartridge type HDD)

Elpida Launches World's Fastest DRAM Using Rambus XDR Memory Architecture(Hardware, 6 times the performance of conventional)

Asahi.com: Apple iPod touch, long line of in-store sales start - business(Hardware, it will also be on sale at stores from today)

Why is not "iPhone" (still) announced in France? Column - CNET Japan(Hardware, it seems that they are not friendly with partner Orange)

IPod touch Japanese input hidden function - Engadget Japanese(Hardware, can not be used with English keyboard)

Number of subscribers by business operator(SoftBank Mobile is ranked first in mobile, mobile phone mobile phone is ranked first, PHS has WILLCOM up 300)

SOFTBANK MOBILE introduces new au anti-auction "Simple Orange" ─ ─ au each month by 200 yen - ITmedia + D Mobile(There is little merit to move when considering mobile, MNP relocation commission)

EM · Mobile, the latest update data of "EM · ONE" released(Mobile, stability improvement etc)

KDDI Company Info: News Release> EZ "Chaku-Uta Full (R)" Over 150 Million Download(Mobile, Momentum Chaku-Uta Full Market Who Does not Know the Stop)

Livedoor news - Hikaru Utada, 10 million downloads downloaded(Music, 10 million downloads in nine months)

Number coloring cover banned to hinder number confirmation at accident - MSN Sankei News(Automobile, planned to be banned is scheduled for around 2009)

Essential knowledge of smart consumers Unexpected cost price of that product | Surprisingly unknown "price" large study | Diamond Online(Cost calculated by economy, restaurant service industry and real estate industry)

CNN.co.jp Nikkei actor of Star Trek, to the name of asteroid - Science(Naming the asteroid between the universe, Mars and Jupiter)

Slashdot Japan Ig Nobel Prize, Japanese again to winners(Technology, extract vanilla scent and taste ingredients from cow dung)

Pacri-chan of "Kani Hakuraku"? It is! The birth of "King Crab" in China - Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province: Record China(Overseas, about 1.54 million yen crab object)

"Do not throw your cigarette! Do not you think?" Request tone of manners improvement exercise, underway - Beijing (Record China) - Yahoo! News(Tissue distributed overseas, so as to wrap tans and garbage in paper and throw it away)

Answering questions such as "What is your favorite talent?" Free calls | Ameba News(Overseas, UK services limited to 16 years old to 24 years old)

Poker competition on the cliff, falling 90 meters falling International news AFPBB News(Abroad, awesome)

WIRED VISION - Intel Corporation: "E-mail bans" for office environment improvement?(Business, fiddled with popular comedian and determined to improve)

Herbivorous dinosaurs: New species of Glyphosaurus found fossils Utah State - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Animals, Cretaceous about 75 million years ago)

Difference between two-channel live novels, mobile novels, light novel expressions(Language, I feel pretty well)

God speed ('· ω ·) VIP It tends to be attached to boring animation(Anime / frame will be expanded to one hour)

History of being spun ... And a new challenge! "Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (Double Oh)" ~ SPECIAL MISSION Report ~ -clappa! (Clapper!)(Anime, first episode broadcast tomorrow)

Fall 2007 · Anime appearance voice actor list (final version) - Tama Tsuru (Altogether concerning animation and movies)(Animation, animations that will be the stage of the school have casts a lot)

I'm game breaking news @ Blade 【DS】 Labyrinth II of the world tree, decided to release this winter!(Games, pets are bears)

"PS3 is not a game machine" Masato Hisatoshi's real intention has come to (Digital Entertainment Weather Forecast): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(There are also impressions of game, name, only game machine)

"Halo 3", sales exceeded $ 300 million in a week, Xbox 360 also performed well Hobby My Communication Journal(Game, Halo popularity abroad is awesome)

Excite news that attracts attention 's beautiful skin treats' turtle jelly' now(Food, turtle extract extracted from the belly shell of the turtle)

Asahi.com: Can you eat jumbo burger weighing 1 kilogram? - Life(Food, weight 1 kg, hamburger of 1470 yen)

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