Headline news on November 2, 2007

It seems that Paramountbed Co., Ltd. has developed a sleep state measurement device "sleep scan" which is so thin that it can be placed under the mattress. The sensor captures weak vibrations caused by breathing, heartbeat, body movements and judges the sleeping state. Measurement results will be able to be transmitted wirelessly to mobile phones and personal computers, and will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from November 14Phosphex Japan 2007It will also be exhibited.

So, next MondayNovember 5. A honorary revolution began in England in 1688, and in 1943 the Greater East Conference was held in Tokyo. In 1985 the oldest railway line in Hokkaido, the National Railway Terminal Line was abolished. Also, since many of the main characters are deaths, many animation directors, also called "Tomino of Killing", Yoshiyuki Tomino was born in 1941, studied Kojiki and studied Kojiki and wrote Kojiki ten thirty-five years ago Koji passed away in 1801.

Today's headline news.
CNN.co.jp Google's stock price surpassed 700 dollars - Business(Business, analysts forecast to surpass 900 dollars in 2008)

IP Mobile, the way to failure: ITpro(Business, transition from applying for entry in 2005)

Affofogue Blog: Rakuten, why not do Japan selling the best in China(Naturally speaking, it is natural because it is business and business)

Sony style, search the nearest ramen shop from your current location "x - Ramen Radar"(Software, Search range can be changed in 3 steps)

Japan.internet.com E-Commerce - US President signs a revision proposal to extend the prohibition on Internet taxation for seven years(Tax, extension for the third time since enacted in 1998)

Japan.internet.com Web Technology - 【China】 Serious damage such as Beijing to 150 thousand new PC infected PC(Security, infected by over 800,000 PCs)

The word "slave" is increasing in Chinese coined words (Yutaka Kitamura's "China Kitamura Report"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Language, rapid economic growth affects?)

Why in public institutions, writing children as "dwarfs"? Excite News(Language, contrast with adults?)

TBS President "Kameda Biyuki" Apology Excite News(The mass communication, what is important is what will be done in the future)

Portable music player, half owned iPod, about 1 in 4 people made by Sony(I thought that there were more owners of GIGABEAT than hardware, Walkman)

Sorry to inform you about the cancellation of release of the watch "shooting watch" with a punctuator(Hardware, Shuwatch is rebuilt with a bug in succession)

Run away from the imminent ghosts! "SuperLite 2500 school girl escape! Psychic puzzle school"(Game, contents are puzzle games)

Akihiro Uda's "Case of the earth village" Wikipedia common sense and non-common sense - "whether the truth or not" is not the most important(Net service, emphasis on secondary information rather than primary information)

AT-X opening 10th anniversary "ARIA" series All 40 episodes broadcast(Anime, Terrestrial wave + OVA all broadcasted)

Tea Fairy: Overseas anime fans' doubt "What are those that are in your lunch?" - livedoor Blog (blog)(Animation, foreigners who are confused by Octopus wiener)

GameSpark - Happy Halloween! On the night of costumes, after all, everyone has a large cosplay party party(Memo, those who play games on Halloween)

Business Media Makoto: Does anyone pay NOVA's tuition fees, personal belongings?(Notes, how to stop paying tuition fees)

The elevator seems to have a backstitch(Literature, techniques of life)

If you hear the local opinion "Please leave" Prefectural Library Branch Disclosure Information Briefing 【Yaeyama everyday online】(Culture, Yaeyama branch of the Okinawa prefectural library, due to few users, it will be abolished in March 2009)

Takekuma Memo: The mystery of "seeing monkey saying monkey monkey"(Culture, words from the time of Confucius)

Asahi.com: NOVA lecturer, voluntary lesson implementation Tuition fee is box lunch and transportation expenses - Life(Memo, NOVA Relief Fund also established)

MarkeZine: ◎ The 3 wishes of the children are "money, good grades, time" - Hakuhodo "child survey"(Memo, the applicant who wish to upgrade will be higher than 10 years ago)

【2ch】 Nikkyo Thread Guide Only experienced people who can not understand who has been withdrawing for a few years.(Note, I feel it hurts if sunlight is not taking a long time)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Spacious space(I explore the strange space of the subway, story)

"Super car driving experience" at 5000 dollars WIRED VISION(Car, test drive this amount is cheap?)

"Galaxy Dance" is a precursor to the galaxy collision? WIRED VISION(Space, pictures of galaxies in close range)

CNN.co.jp ISS Damaged solar panel, repaired by astronauts' extravehicular activities - Science(Space, human being repaired because robot arm does not reach)

'World's Most Beautiful Butt' Contest World Championship, Winner Bulgarian Women's International News AFPBB News(Overseas, with images)

Virus is pulverized with ultrashort pulse laser - Is it possible to treat AIDS and hepatitis? WIRED VISION(Technology, destroying by continuing to give vibration)

Twenty-four human heads are discovered from a track trailer Excite News(Overseas, genuine head preserved for medical training)

Words I do not want to hear during surgery(Health, after all it is a tongue)

Presentation that "If you add ginger, you can lose weight" research presentation - Ameba News [Ameba News](Health, announced by Japan Obesity Society)

Why do not sharks in aquariums attack other fish and humans? Funny Zoo(Animals do not have to bother to bother)

Business Media Makoto: Young people who are full of stomach "snuggle" - mega food boom(Food, few things I would like to eat the second time)

Akihabaka ramen released "The taste has changed and it is Moe - noodle"(Diet, transformed from pork bone to soy sauce pork)

Limited release for oyster (delicious season)! "Oyster Story Snack Oyster Soy Sauce Flavor"(Food, snacks for souvenirs in Hiroshima)

Delicious Combination of Konba Bacon & Mellow Yam "Potato Chips Bacon and Egg Flavor" New Release! It is!(Food, crisp variations released on Monday, November 12)

Just eating art - Jelat topics in Paris Japan's first landing Life My comic journal(You will want to eat when you see the food, the photograph)

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