Headline news on May 23, 2007

Distributed free of charge on Wednesday, June 6 "Read Ged."ofDistributor mapHas been released today. It seems to be distributed not only in the city center of Tokyo but also in LAWSON and major bookstores nationwide, TSUTAYA and Yamada Denki. This "read Gedo" is promotion of DVD and video of "Gedo Senki" sold on July 4 (Wednesday), it has become 208 pages of paperback style despite being free, Hidenori Miyazaki of Ghibli And Masako Shimizu translating Gedo Senki and psychologist Hayao Kawai such as literary authors. Although the contents are the same, there are five colors on the front cover, and it is a secret which color is put where. Please check out those who like "Gedo Senki" or those who want anything they want.

So, tomorrowMay 24. World's first telegraph by Samuel Morse was done in 1844, Tokachi-dake of Hokkaido erupted in 1926. Neptune seventh satellite Larissa was discovered in 1981, and in 2000 the Clay Mathematics Institute announced the mathematical problem "Millennium Sweepstakes Problem" with prize money. In addition, Gabriel Fahrenheit, who invented the Fahrenheit temperature scale in 1686, became famous for a novel by British Queen Victoria who created the era called Victorian in 1819, and Koji Kinoda in 1902 as a detective. Yokomizo Masashi was born, and in 1637 Masamune Date of the Sengoku war dead passed away.

Today's headline news.

@ Parallel minds: The Red Cross mark is prohibited by law(Law, out of hospitals and pharmacies that are not affiliated with the Red Cross is out)

Presentation of voice actor recitation Hyakunin Isshu "Wakamoto Norio's Hyakunin Ishi" - DEARS bulletin(It seems to be a voice actor, "Hyakuichirokuri CD of Mr. Norio Wakamoto who is brave and sorrowful")

The painful news (No ∀ `): 【Democratic Party】 New character" Democratic Kun "(Although it is a character with a motif of politics, logo mark ... ...)

Before my father gets hospitalized, she wants to do my birthday party anyway.(Life, a little nice story between a male parent and a child)

Driving inattentive driving - It seems that you should be careful about half imaginative imagination(Life, maybe it might be imaginative)

Hataya 's mania neta diary What is the direction of the same erotic erotic regulation?(Doujin, is not it bad if the regulation remains vague)

(; ^ Ω ^) (2 ch, there are definitely guidelines and deletion criteria but no law)

"Pepper Ranch Shinsaibashi store" to understand in only 3 minutes Conclusion FLASH(Crime, summary of abduction cases of women who are no longer covered by press)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Scary slide in the neighborhood(Life, fear sense hard to convey in photographs)

Behind the Tokyo Disneyland(Leisure, secrets of Disneyland knowing people)

Asahi.com: "Railway Idol" Approaching Yuko Kimura - Comimi Review(Railroad, railroad geek gravure idol)

PSYCHOKRUSHER PRESENTS: How to take good spirit photography(Story, now you are a psychic)

Nico Nico Douga (γ) - different from TV, cassette tape of animation singing by a man who does not know at all(I was selling a few packs, stuff)

Morita Hiroyuki's blog Can broadcast or not (1)(If you say that it is a matter of irritation that you can not express red blood with TV, animation, why is drama OK?)

MSN-Mainichi INTERACTIVE Science White Paper '07: Part 1 Science and Non Science / 2 Nissei Science in the Classroom(Science, it can be used for convenience, but ... ...)

Window Forest - 【NEWS】 Create a "dance score" representing the choreography of dance with a stick man "Dance system"(About 500 types of poses for software, Japanese dance included)

Wireless LAN Easy Setting Wireless LAN BroadBand Router Compatible with "AOSS" & "WPS" Both Routers | Product News(Hardware, radio waves are easy to reach with both high-power functions on both base unit and slave unit)

Release of high-speed wireless LAN router "AtermWR 8400N" (May 23, 2007): Press release | NEC(Hardware, compatible with next generation high speed wireless LAN standard IEEE 802.11 n Draft 2.0, up to 300 Mbps communication possible)

Developed world's first liquid crystal display module (May 23, 2007): Press Release | NEC(It is possible to reduce power consumption by installing hardware and memory in liquid crystal)

■ (PDF file)Price .com, second-hand categories drastically renewed In addition to used second-hand computers, new handling of second-hand cameras is started - Searching among multiple stores for the first time in the industry -(Net service, price · spec search etc in more detail)

NTT East / West, between the east and west a call from the Hikari Dial does not connect(Internet services, they were connected within each pipe)

A technology to distinguish a specific person or scene from video and add metadata(Note, NHK develops technology to tag movie scenes and people)

The world's first conviction for illegal distribution by BitTorrent, at the Hong Kong Supreme Court(Memo, 3 months imprisonment)

Even if an arrest went out in the release of manga magazine, the number of Winny nodes did not change(Memo, did not have the show off effect?)

ITmedia + D mobile: ACCESS, full browser is provided for summer model of SOFTBANK MOBILE(Software, SOFTBANK strengthens relationship with ACCESS)

ITmedia + D Mobile: "Opera Mobile", au's 12 Summer 2007 models installed(Software, while KDDI used Opera)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: Ultra-compact HTTP server "Professional Etha" (1/3) using W - SIM(Hardware, small server using W - SIM for communication)

AKIBA PC Hotline! Junk Blog .: Looking at the shop "How to read HDD model number"(Hardware, model number like crypt for people who do not know)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - Integrated office software, Microsoft Office overwhelming strength, awareness of other companies' products?(Software, almost Microsoft's monopoly state)

Contents of disaster prevention character for children in Fukuoka prefecture "Mamoru-kun" released - Online game & PC game information site 4Gamer.net(Internet service, crime prevention content produced by game company)

Blogchan: How can you manage a store with swords and bamboo shoots(Game, Business interpretation of Dorakue Early Store)

Business Media Makoto: Next to "super real mahjong game" I want to make "a game that nobody has ever made" - President Takafumi Signal Talk(Will it be better for those who like games and mahjong?)

Game * Spark -: What's the helmet of "Halo 3" Legendary Edition?(Game, benefits of overseas games are too great)

Game * Spark -: "Wander and the Colossus" The classic concert is impressed with 10 points!(Game, ICO prefer songs)

ITmedia + D Games: I tried to verify "Alkaline dry battery for Wii remote control"(Game, alkaline batteries seem to have existed for over 40 years ago)

Case for semi-orderable Nintendo DS Lite appeared for a limited time / Famitsu.com(Game, you can choose the pattern of the fabric and the price starts from 3800 yen)

Mug cup dedicated to pessimist: Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo · Japan)(Accessories, half of drinks seems to drink deliciously)

Frente, super sour grain entering "Pinky Monkey soft candy lemon flavored" released(Eating food contains super sour grains at a ratio of one to several grains)

New sense beverage from Onomichi, it is "Chider"! Excite News(Food, mixed with tea and cider)

Triumph International, "Sorrow Bra" that keeps the bust line while sleeping, etc. released(Bra, the bra line does not collapse even while sleeping)

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