Headline news on 7th June 2007

tomorrowFamily restaurant which was made for the first time in JapanIt is the birthday of Advertisement Daughter Taro 's Advertising Dog. He is located in Dotonbori in Osaka and he often appears on TV as a symbol of NambaIt is designed with Bunraku doll's technology and the production cost will be 10 million yen. Kentucky Fried Chicken 's Kernel - Sunders doll was thrown into Dotonbori during the Hanshin Tigers victoryIt was also an urban legend, Taro Toritaro seems to keep escaping dive for now. IncidentallyChronological chronologyLooking at it, I have experienced two overseas trips and seem to have been named "Kuatariro Tarou" in order to take a seat at this time.

So, tomorrowJune 8. Viking activity first appeared in the record in 793, the national road was divided into national highways, prefectural roads, and satoyama in 1876, and in 1947 the Japanese faculty and staff association was established. In 1954, the police law to set the organization of the police was promulgated, and in 1998 the entire Yurakucho line of Tokyo subway was completed. Also, in 1829 the painter John Everett Millet was born in 1971 the vocal · TERU of the rock band "GLAY", and in 1651 the Edo shogunate third generational army Tokugawa Iemitsu died.

Today's headline news.

Publish TV of TV anime "Higurashi When They Cry 3"! - Famitsu.com(Animation, Answers to previous works animation)

(; ^ Ω ^) (Since it thinks that it is losing if it works, it is neta)

The painful news (No ∀ `): Crime prevention camera installation on Shinkansen" N 700 series "→ criticism of citizen groups as" watching good citizen is justified "... Asahi Newspaper(Lifestyle, monitoring and crime prevention are slightly different)

【2ch】 New speed quality: What you should never do in a dream(Urban legend, there is little that I remember my dream)

^^ Byozine Why did the old UG site disappear?(There were many places where the net and the site design are similar)

"MyIPneighbors" 100 SHIKI.COM giving out a list of other sites using the same IP(Net service, people on the same server know)

"Qipit" that can convert images captured with a mobile camera to PDF and save and save it | 100SHIKI.COM(It might be useful for preservation of net service, posted sentences, etc.)

15 entries collecting more than 400 linked links and its consideration | Sumi's blog(There are many articles that I thought that "I'd like to tell someone that I'm interesting" because I'm interested in articles with many links,

A world that can earn far more accesses than the big news site rather than HATSU(The power of the net, adult is awesome)

Google victory, Big Difference to Baidu - Search Site Quality Survey 2007/06/07 (Thur) 12: 33: 04 [China Information Bureau](Google's victory for search results outside the net and entertainment areas, Baidu is 5 points higher in entertainment)

Net Random - ~ Trackback Spam Removal Act from ~ .paro 2..net(Spam, 938 also seems to make domains ...)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - About 10% carry an emergency charger ~ Study on battery of mobile phone(Mobile, make a cell phone that does not need charging soon)

Game * Spark -: How to nurture an analog Pokemon(Game, more sure than tape)

PS3 FAN || PS3 soft information # 139 - Brash Entertainment, "SAW" games games(Game, escape game?

Game * Spark -: Not at all! Overseas cover art "Crackdown"(From games, body armor to costumes like cat's eye)

GameSpark - "The most powerful game weapon" TOP 10(Where did the game, chainsaw, ice sword and superscope go)

Domestic sales of Wii, five times PS 3 - May 2007 - CNET Japan(Game, amazing difference is open)

GameSpark - 20% dual core! Vista 5%? Steam presents the latest PC gamer environmental survey(PC, gamers almost do not use Vista)

How to finish a rush "Mt. Fuji climbing race" - [Jogging marathon] All About(Sports, even if you just climb normally, it is hard)

Five things you want to know in order to show the room widely a little P O P P O P(Life, if one side of the wall is made into a mirror OK)

Painful news (No ∀ `) 【TBS domineering interview】 President of TBS" Is not it dangerous? Very annoying and unpleasant "... Akira Fukuzawa While tears" An apology(Mass media, other people's affairs for the president)

The law enforcement national crowded train is "illegal"(It seems that it is described in law, railroad sales law)

US ship found treasure from a Spanish sinking ship ... ... Excite News(Story, was it a pirate?

New Stop> Topics> Politics / Society> Shinzo Abe> Returning rubbish for 'Abe pick up garbage' - Infoseek News(Politics, I do not know what to pick up for garbage for)

Write not to think deeply as you throw it away - When anger boils instantly(There are certainly momentary angry when being made fun of my life, my family)

YMCK Magical 8 bit Plug(Software, plug-in capable of reproducing 8-bit music, usable in applications supporting VSTi on Windows)

Yahoo! News - Record China - Mp3 player made in China, the exam passed rate will remain at 30% - China(Hardware, the quality that seems to be poor even for things passed this as well)

KDDI company information news release About release of "bone conduction receiver microphone 01" easy to listen even in noisy places(Hardware, this design is kinda ... ...)

"DARTSLIVE Darts + Card Set Sanrio Character Series" All 17 kinds will be released!(Toys, Boards to become target are not included)

■ PDF file:Ultra brothers sprinkled and appeared "Ultra brothers sprinkle"(Food, all 16 kinds of seals are included as an extra)

@ Nifty: Daily portal Z: Sushi shop with free shochu(Food, authentic Satsuma shochu)

Cat tea - R25.jp(A coffee shop where food and cat are in store)

Haagen-Dazs Japan releases four "Summer Gift Sets" packed with Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream(Food, "Family set" "Select set", "Mini cup 12 pieces set", "Variety set" 4 types)

FRUIT GREEN TEA (Fruit Green Tea) Blueberry "Launched from Monday, June 11 (in summer): News Releases | Itoen(Food, green tea adds blueberry juice and natural origin fragrance)

Have you checked the "expiration date" of cigarettes? Excite News(Preference, expiration date after 10 months including month of manufacture)

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