Headline news on 27th September 2007

JTB is a web questionnaires "(PDF file)Travel trends in autumn 2007It is said that 70% of those over the age of 60 are planning for the autumn trip. As for the accompanying person, "friends / acquaintances" as a whole is the most 31.5%, "alone" also is 18.9%, and it seems that many people are planning a trip alone unexpectedly. As a reason for those who are not going on a trip, there are many "no breaks" and "there is no space in time" and it seems that people are busy with their lives a lot.

So, tomorrowSeptember 28. Automatic door train first appeared on the Keihin line in 1926, NEC released PC "PC-8001" in 1979. In 1985 "8 o'clock! All the members gathering" finished broadcasting, and in 1989 "The best ten" broadcast ended. Also, in addition to being born in 1852, an architect Josiah Condor, who designed the Kanonkan, as well as born unknown, Takarano Arica was born as a vocalist of ALI PROJECT, Saito Saito of Shinsengumi 3rd Corps Association in 1915 One died.

Today's headline news.
A cremation preparation crew without permission of Tokuzu style room "Hidden" Critical society (CHUNICHI Web)(Incident, completely black)

About 2 thousand yen Lesbok on Bill Gates' s hourly wage charge of 12.5 million yen(Work, 200,000 yen or more in 1 minute)

"I want to add it to my friends list", YouTube piggy-backed spam mails also appear - ITmedia Enterprise(Security, induced to fake YouTube)

"Panda virus" authors "popular", to infected companies "want to hire": ITpro(Security, Offer from multiple companies)

Fear of seizure? ~ ACCS site browsing daily pirated sales men arresting Japan.internet.com Web technology(Copyright, selling pirated software on the website)

On copying and computer in copyright law(Copyright, copy processing in the computer and duplication behavior should be distinguished)

Russian military aircraft maker 'Suhoy' releases first passenger plane International news: AFPBB News(It is the first time to manufacture airplanes and civilian aircraft)

MarkeZine: ◎ Google's video advertising strategy presentation continued questions on "Nico Nico Douga"(Net, Q & A response timed out over the Nico movement related time)

FPN - Try converting the influence of magazines / newspapers into page views.(The mass communication, the Yomiuri Shimbun will be about 600 million PV a day?)

Rental neglected bicycle rental "Ecochari .com" - ITmedia News(Business, service is for students only)

Maximum speed of 414.3 km! The fastest commercial vehicle ever Technobahn news(In automobiles, in Japan it is quite limited where you can get the fastest speed)

The International Space Station will close in 2015, the US will present a plan to close down to the cooperating countries Technobahn News(Space, Russia is against the closure)

WIRED VISION - Reduce the weight of luggage by 80%, "Exoskeleton" brace of MIT development(Hardware, required power is 1 watt)

Bose MusicMonitor Speaker contents See Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo · Japan)(Hardware, small speaker of approximately 50,000 yen)

Japanese for iPhone developers Japanese translation published mobile Mike journal(Hardware, composition of all seven chapters)

I have contact lenses for more than half a year but I'm not sure. Д. ) ⊃ Kaze speed ≡ ≡ ≡ ⊂ ⊂ ゜ ° Д °) One Full Auto |(2 ch, I definitely do not want to manage)

Legal creation by ordinary citizens using Slashdot Japan Wiki(Overseas, making laws and regulations online)

Death penalty prison list(Memo, confirmed death penalty after 1993)

Yahoo! News - Record China - Stop brain drain! Government-sponsored international students oblige "thanks for service" - China(Overseas, obliged to return home immediately as soon as studying abroad)

"Teacher, I came to Japan by looking at Sailor Moon" (Chinese Dynamic Humanity): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Anime, an international student who likes animation)

Painful news (No ∀ `) 【China】" I am not afraid of water shortage any more! "He invented a device of dreams to produce water from the air,(Hardware, but requires electricity)

Dreamcast repair until 28th! It is! - Holy multi kingdom(Game, tomorrow repair reception finished)

Takahashi Masato wants to aim for a 5 kg reduction in games | Ameba News(Game, Wii's sports game with 10 kinds)

Anime new program theme song table of autumn 2007(Anime, release date is almost late October or later)

An enthusiastic mania! Gegege Kitaro's Youkai Post Excite News(Anime, Kittyro post sales at 83,790 yen)

Scab. Kazakazaki of the first time in a long time. From such a thing "Doors"(Novel, Kamisaka has not been over yet)

Arrested by former president of clothing apparel of Matsushita invested anime company | Case trial | Society | Sankei WEB(Case, arresting President of Decel Production Company Decel)

WIRED VISION - "Earth's Strongest Organism" Bear Turtle, Can You Survive in the Universe?(Creatures, was not the strongest cockroach?

Actually, I did not know that it was Japanese English Ranking - goo(Language, key ring was Japanese English)

It is this time for foreigners to realize that "Japan has been too long"(Memo, I know a special part of Japan)

Sacred place Japan ~ Sacred place Japan ~ Disliked Japanese food from overseas forum(Food, first place is horse sting and second place is natto)

Superb sweets not to be eaten! - Pierre Hermes's sweets miniature set Life My comic journal(No meals, one set is 367 yen)

House "Oh zak (Food, "ALWAYS continuation · Three-up sunset" and tie-up)

House "Rokko's Delicious Water " Limited release all over the country from October 29(Food, photographs of members of the group members in the package)

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