How to make a world clock that represents time around the world very easily

Pretty strongWorld clockIt is an explanation and movie of how to make a clock with features. Especially recommended for those with lots of friends all over the world. However, there are major weaknesses to use normally.

The way to make and the movie are from the following.
First, I draw a circle using a CD. Materials are watches, scissors, cardboard, paste.

I will divide the yen into 12 equal parts

The front and back of the watch

Fuselage also made of paper

Retrieve the working part of the old watch

On the one I made earlier, the installation of the watch

Lastly fill in the city name for each hour difference

Finally attaching the hands of the watch

Completion Sydney is at 8 o'clock.

Paris is at 11 o'clock.

The movie is here.
International Clock

It seems to be very easy to make, but because there is no long hand, "minutes" seems to be about.

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