"The World Clock Project" to collect clock images around the world

Project "The World Clock Project" which collects clock images showing the time of 24 hours, taking pictures of watches located far away. As it is collected from all over the world, you can see some varieties of watches that you can not usually see.

Details are as below. 60 clock images with hour hands different every minute are displayed, and one hour watch comes out on one screen. At the time of writing this article I still have quite a lot of time without images.
The World Clock Project: A Community-powered Timepiece

The displayed images are as follows.

Watch in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (11: 02)

An unusual design Pigeon watch (9: 00)

Heart type clock (2: 03)

Watch in Parma in Italy (18: 58)

Clock at Musée d'Orsay in Paris (5: 28)

Father's Clock at Potes in Spain (6:39)

Big Ben (6: 20)

If you want to add your own clock image, Flickr tags the image with timeWorld Clock Project Flickr Pool, Or attach an image to the e-mail where the shooting location or comment was writtenHereIt seems to be good if you send it to the address written in.

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