Apple may release handheld gaming machines

When Apple filed a change trademark change application last week, it seems that a handheld game machine and a stubborn description were added to the trademark.

It is compatible with Macintosh in collaboration with BandaiPippin at mark"When I released a home game machine, the number of units shipped worldwide was 42,000 units, which was a tremendous result, what on earth will you do?

the detail is right below. trademark oddities, information and news by Mork >> Apple

According to this article, it is said that the addition of a new wording to the trademark in the change procedure of trademark registration made by Apple on February 5 was found in documents released by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The new wording is described in detail in the link below, but the content is said to be battery powered computer gaming machines, portable gaming machines, mobile devices for playing video games.

Latest Status Info

Also, according to the following link Apple seems to develop a mobile device adopting the Intel UMPC platform. I do not know if there is any direct relationship with the change procedure of this trademark registration, but I am concerned about this trend.

AppleInsider | Exclusive: Apple to adopt Intel's ultra-mobile PC platform

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