It turned out that Apple filed a new folding smartphone patent

ByAaron Yoo

Co-developed with LGDevelopment of foldable organic EL displayIt was revealed that Apple, which seems to be doing business, applied for a patent on a new foldable electronic device.

Apple files for yet another flip phone patent - Nov. 29, 2017

Patent Images

The conceptual diagram of "foldable electronic equipment" described in the published patent document looks like this. It is characterized by being able to "open and close like a book" around the folding shaft (16), and the scope of the patent includes applications not only for smart phones but also for laptop computers, tablet terminals, wrist watch type wearable terminals It contains.

Also, since this patent also includes a technology to mount a touch sensor, it seems to be safe to say that it is a patented technology with the application as a mobile terminal in mind.

It seems that it is being studied to provide the following gaps in the folded part. The biggest point of a terminal that can be collapsed including the screen can be said to be how to handle the design of the screen of the moving part, but this figure will give you the hint.

I can not say that this terminal does not necessarily appear in the world as it does not necessarily refer to examples of other companies and not all of the patents acquired by Apple, but at least the future direction of mobile terminal development 1 For one thing, it seems certain that "folding terminal" is being watched.

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