Revolutionary lithium ion rechargeable battery with charging time up to 1/36

Although it is widely used lithium ion rechargeable batteries ranging from mobile phones, laptop computers, game machine controllers and electric cars, it has become possible to overwhelmly shorten the charging time by using new technology That's right.

It will be able to charge up to 1 / 36th of what it is, and it may be good news for those who think that they want to shorten the time it takes to charge as much as possible.

Details are as follows.
Re-engineered battery material can lead to rapid recharging of many devices - MIT News Office

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's announcement, the conventional lithium-ion rechargeable battery had a very slow migration speed of lithium ions in the battery, so the charging time was longer, whereas by reviewing the material of the battery It seems that they succeeded in making lithium ions move very quickly.

This is to improve the migration speed of lithium ions drastically by modifying the surface structure like a ring road surrounding a city, and since the material itself is using conventional materials, it can be put to practical use in 2 to 3 years Besides being considered, it is possible to reduce the size of the battery with the same capacity.

This is a sample of the material used for the battery

Expansion of the surface layer part. You can look at countless fine grooves.

In fact, when we performed a charging experiment with a prototype using a new technology, it took 6 minutes (360 seconds) for charging with conventional technology, while charging with 10 to 20 seconds with new technology It seems that he succeeded.

This is where the commercialization awaits as soon as possible.

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