Nintendo Switch's controller is sued as a patent infringement

The Nintendo Switch employs two controllers "Joy-Con" detachable at both ends of the display. Game console with Android OS "Wikipad"Mobile game machine maker Gamevice who has a patent of" Names of Joy-Con closely resembles the controller of Wikipad ", in search of Nintendo Switch's production and sales discontinuation and damages compensation, Nintendo It is reported that you complained.

Gamevice, Inc. v. Nintendo Co., Ltd. et al

"Wikipad" which appeals that the design of the controller of Nintendo Switch is very similar is the following gaming device. Like the Nintendo Switch, the display is designed to be detachable from the controller, but unlike Joy - Con, the left and right controllers are connected independently of each other, unlike Joy - Con.

In 2015 Gamevice "Combination computing device and game controller with flexible bridge sectionWe have already obtained a patent called "Wikipad", as well as "Gamevice" sold by "Gamevice"Tablet controller"Patent is also included.

The tablet controller can be used by inserting a tablet between the left and right controllers, but the left and right are not independent like Joy - Con. As explained in the patent, it is connected by the "flexible bridge" on the back,Mashable"The Wikipad patent and the design of the Nintendo Switch are very different".

Gamevice claims that the patent has been infringed and claims Nintendo Switch's discontinuance of production and sales of Nintendo Switch and damages for Nintendo. Nintendo did not announce a comment on this case and the US District Court has not yet understood whether to accept this case.

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