Does the large volume 250 GB SSD (Solid State Drive) appear for the general public during this year?

According to the CES 2008 that is currently being held, according to several companies mentioned, during this yearSSD(Solid State Drive, using flash memory instead of hard disk) will reach 250 GB capacity. Moreover, he is predicting that he will predominate in the next two to three years.

Details are as below. - 2008: The Future of Solid State Storage

SanDisk announced the 2.5-inch 64GB model, 1.8-inch 64GB and 72GB models, and A-Data announced RAID capable SSD with 128GB SATA connection.

In addition, BitMicro has already announced SSD with 2.5 inch SATA connection and 832 GB capacity actually for business use.

BiTMICRO Set to Launch Industry's Highest Capacity 2.5-inch Serial ATA Solid State Disk with E-DiskR Altima SATA Flash SSD

The reason why the SSD gets noticeable as much as this is because durability is high due to a small number of driving parts, and accordingly reliability is improved, and not only power consumption but also it can be reduced very much.

EMC to offer SSD as an option for high-end storage devices: ITpro

According to EMC, SSD has less than 38% less power consumption compared to ordinary disk drives in 1 T byte data storage. The performance of one SSD is equivalent to 30 Fiber Channel disk drives with a disk rotation speed of 15,000 rpm. Converting this to the power consumption in transaction processing per second, it is estimated that reduction of power consumption by 98% can be expected by adopting SSD.

If this is the case, it seems that we can expect considerable power saving, and actually the battery of laptop computers etc will last a long time, expected big.

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