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Meiji Seika Kaoru known for such as "Karl" and "Mountain of mushrooms and bamboo shoots" and Pokka which produces "Pokka coffee" etc. comprehensive capitalPresent today announcing business allianceDid. The reason for the capital and business alliance is that it is necessary to expand product development and sales channels in order to pursue further growth, due to population declines, a declining birthrate and aging population, and costly movements caused by soaring global raw materials That's right. As the content of the business tie-up includes product development jointly, it may come days to sell such things as "thoroughly cooked curl" or "mushroom noodle coffee".

So, tomorrowJanuary 16. Japan's first ice skating rink opened in Yokohama in 1876. In 1962 the Ministry of Construction decided to set up a guardrail in major national roads throughout the country. In 2006, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office for Special Prosecutors forcibly investigated Livedoor under suspicion of violating the Securities and Exchange Law. Also, in addition to being born in 1948, "Director of Object X from Planetary" and "Transparent Man" John Carpenter was born in 1967 and was born in 1967, Dandy Sakano who breathed a life in "Getz !!", the founder of Jodo Shinshu Shinran passed away in 1262.

Today's headline news.
AMD revises processor price - Phenom shortly after price appeared further price cut PC personal computer journal(Hardware, price cut rate of 26.6% at maximum)

Microsoft's picture book "Mom, why do you have a server at home?" Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo Japan)(Note, Microsoft recommends placing the server at home)

An example of the electricity bill of a house with a server at home - Unix-like Ale(Note, because it makes full operation for 24 hours, it's great price)

Forest of Window - 【NEWS】 Free classic compression / decompression software "Explzh" v 5.25 is released, corresponding to MSI format(The contents can be checked before installing software, MSI format files)

Does advertising-based free music distribution service succeed?: Special report - CNET Japan(Net, if you really do realize it is very convenient for users)

【2ch】 New Speed ​​Quality Although it is a dancer of Universal Studios Japan, is there a question?(Work, it seems to be an athome workplace more than Disney)

Awesome present condition of university - So the problem lies in communication by com - lab(School, considerably dangerous situation due to the declining birthrate)

Asahi.com: Mid to High School High School Recruitment Canceled "6 Years" Increased College Results - Society(School, enclosing students from junior high school)

Norovirus infects news via computer keyboard News - Yahoo! Healthcare(Hand washing the basis of health and prevention)

Gizmodo staff, mischief banned CES entry and exit - CNET Japan(Net,thisThat incident. Additional sanctions on gizmod itself are under consideration)

Empty house, all-you-can-eat (BusinessWeek): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Business, the number of houses left abandoned due to subprime loan problem sharply increased)

4Gamer.net - Phenom thorough analysis (before): Does not native quad core have meaning? (Phenom)(Hardware, middle part and second part are also interesting with good article probably most detailed written about the actual mechanism inside the CPU at present)

4Gamer.net - What kind of PC do the 4 Gamer editors use? Private private PC assembly reality edition(Astonished at how to use XP and Vista by switching the primary HDD in hardware, BIOS)

【2ch】 News breaking news: Shokotan Shoko Nakagawa infected by Trojan horse(Security, Where and What Type of Troy Infected)

Painful news (No ∀ `): Nintendo Employee" When you open a game magazine, you only have beautiful girls animated paintings, I can not think that it is the same game as ours anymore "(Game, it seems to be a comment by Nintendo headquarters)

Pleasure of sex paralyzes the brain (Ito Dry's "Knowledge of the source flow"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Science, when it reaches the extreme of sexual excitement the brain is in acid deficiency state)

==== ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0(Gadget, this is cool)

Notice of postponement of release date of "Super Smash Bros. Smash Brothers X" software for Wii(Game, postponed from January 24 to January 31)

The meaning of truncating PS2 compatible - Is Oosu being moe?(Does a person who buys a game, PS 3 already have PS 2?)

Seven quotes hitting the heart why villains appearing in MS-14D "Kaiji series"(Manga, it is one aspect of the truth)

Bookshelf of "Otaku's bookshelf" cartoon website management company(Manga, Jojo Total Volume and Yokoyama Mikokushi Total Volume are Standard Equipment)

F speed VIP (· ω ·) y - ~ Are you really hit by stalls at festivals?(I believed that I got a serious honor when I was a child)

Doronjo is Fukakyon, Boyakki is Katsuhisa Isease (sports reporting) - Yahoo! News(Entertainment, Tonsler decided as Kendo · Kobayashi)

TV Asahi who did the DQN interview in infamous Okinawa prefecture adult ceremony will be returned from DQN: 【2ch】 New speed station(Note, not being adults arrested)

Tokyo Newspaper 2000 yen Tags old 500 yen bills Bottom circulation Decrease in the number of circulation "inconvenience" established as a vicious circle society (TOKYO Web)(Note, I do not see it unless I get it out by a bank now)

GameSpark - A boy who tried to strangle her father with game pad code will be arrested - Spain(Overseas, furious with power being turned off during play)

Reduction of delivery vehicle "left turn", reduction of fuel of 11,400 kiloliters WIRED VISION(Transportation, shortening travel distance by creating roux that reduces right turn in Japan)

German man, dropping tree from the window and falling myself | Reuters(Overseas, why is this Christmas tree this time?

Australian man who waved his hand to the woman from the window of the car, brought in contact with the oncoming car and part of the arm | Reuters(Overseas, it is horrible if you think that this is not your arms and neck)

Apple and China move to stop negotiations negotiating iPhone | Reuters(Mobile, iPhone is not necessarily welcomed?

Collaboration with Kenjiro! "One year accelerates faster every time you become older" Two reasons and measures ITmedia Alternative Blog(Memo, when I was a child I was skeptical but recently I feel that time passes sooner)

I thought that "A pig also climbs a tree" to say that it is a proverb, but a stubborn / proverbial dictionary ... - Yahoo! Chiebukuro(Language, time bokan is not originated)

Difference between working 2ch word and dead word 2ch word every second(Language, replaced when new and easy-to-use words come out)

First "Ninja Test" in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture - MSN Sankei News(It is also a question from a novel or an animation only with a memo, written exam)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Which is the challenge, print?(Reproducing CM of Canon, Canon)

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