About 100 brand chocolate is all you can eat Valentine's chocolate party

"Chocolate Knight Ⅲ by Le Cordon Blue" "Yasushi Sasaki" "Bell amal" "Vita Mail" "Richard" "Gateau de Bois" "Lloyd's Confection" "Chocolate ñoru" , About 100 kinds of all-you-can-eat event, "Valentine's Chocolate Party"Will be held on January 28 (Monday) as a joint project between Hankyu Department Store and Hanshin Department Store. It seems to be difficult to eat all kinds unless it is a very fiercer person, but it seems quite interesting.

Participation details are as follows.
Hankyu department store · Hanshin department store joint project Valentine's chocolate party

Entry period is January 20 (Sunday). From Hankyu Department Store · Hanshin Department Store Hankyu department store · Hanshin Department Store · Hanshin Department Store to join Valentine Mail member from the above page Register for Valentine's Chocolate Party application after registration Since the URL comes, I'd like to apply from there,

The venue was held twice from Hotel Hankyu International Cafe Restaurant "Knight & Day", from 5 pm and 7:30 pm, about 90 minutes each time. The recruitment capacity is 200 in 100 groups each time, totaling 400 pairs of 400 people. Participation fee is 1,500 yen including tax.

By the way, how about last year,Approximately 20,000 people have applied and the competition magnification is about 100 timesThat was.

The situation at this time is published by Hankyu department store on his own blog "Umida Hankyu Blog". It is quite amazing.

Hankyu · Hanshin joint project "Valentine's chocolate party" report

In addition, previously in GIGAZINE editorial departmentI ate all kinds of "56 kinds of chocolate" of Meiji SeikaSometimes it was a life-sustaining report, the editorial department was destroyed, and symptoms seeming to be acute chocolate poisoning were afflicted, so it seems a bit reckless to eat all about 100 kinds at the Valentine's Chocolate Party alone.

2008/01/30 9:05 Addendum
So I actually interviewed 100 kinds of chocolate, what happened. The report report is below.

All you can eat at Valentine's Chocolate Party Chocolate List (Part 1) - GIGAZINE

All you can eat at Valentine's Chocolate Party Chocolate List (Part 2) - GIGAZINE

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