"Chiko Ramen Miyoshino Room Stream Salt Buttery in Active Sumo Room" Taste Review

I ate beforeChiko Ramen Tsuyoshi's Room Style Kimchi Pot Style of Active Sumo RoomFollowing, Miyagino room flow salt butter style chanko ramen was on sale so I bought it. Miyagino It is famous for wrestlers belonging to the room now Yokozuna ·Shirogane. What is the taste of the chanko pot that raised the yokozuna?

The review is below.
Nissin Foods: In-house Sumo Room's Chanko Ramen Miyoshino Room Stream Salt Butter Flavor

A picture of Shiroko is used in the lid for easy understanding.

Raw materials etc.

394 kcal per serving.

The contents are liquid soup and 2 bags.

Pour hot water with putting in two as well.

Wait 4 minutes.

Equipment is fat.

When liquid soup is put, stir it lightly and it is completed.

For instant it is a light buttery flavored salt ramen. There is a lot of vegetables and it is a cup that does not look bad. Perhaps I think that the degree of reproduction as a chan is high, but on the other hand it tastes lacking in impact. I do not get tired of fresh taste, so is it seasoned like this?

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Miyagino room

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