Bic Camera releases original Mobile card of "Mobile Suit Gundam"

Bic camera launched the original New Year's card of animation "Mobile Suit Gundam".

"Zeon Army Pack" that pushed the main character "Ambro-Ray" and the Mobile Suit "Gundam" to the front, "Earth Federation Army Pack" and nemesis "Red Comet" Chia = Aznable and the special mobile suit " "Has been released, and has become an irresistible item for Gundam lovers.

Details are as below.
"Zeon army pack". The mono eye of Zaku dedicated to Char is impressive.

"A comet red" Chara = Aznable.

The principal flag of Zeon Duchy is a motif.

And "Zaku dedicated to Chia".

Next, it is "Earth Federation Army Pack". First of all, the hero Amuro = Rei.

The Mobile Suit "Gundam" operated by Amuro.

Also the profile of Gundam.

I thought as the first sunrise, and it was the mascot character "Hello".

By the way, each pack contains 2 pieces of five kinds of designs, 10 in total, and it is said to be 800 yen per pack.

"Mobile Suit Gundam" New year postcard with illustrations released! 【Bic camera .com】

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