The strongest class "Super Mega Wendies" tasting review beyond mega-mac

At the other day GIGAZINE,"Super Mega Wendies" beyond Mega Mack and mega beef bowls from Wendies will be releasedI tried to eat it today.

How taste of hamburger with monster size of meat is 300 g.

Details are as follows.
I bought and arranged. The leftPreviously introduced 105 yen burger"Jr. Hamburger", right is "Super Mega Wendies".

The size is completely different.

I immediately opened a package of "Super Mega Wendies". Three meat and bacon, cheese and lettuce are caught.

Tomatoes, onions, pickles as well.

It compared with the just "Jr. hamburger". The volume is completely different.

It is a masterpiece to open the package and arrange it ....

I tried tearing. Anyway, it is full of meat.

I included coupons, so I picked up the other dayMcDonald's mega egg, mega tomatoI compared it with coupons of. Both are covers with impact.

I tried eating, but the meat is fine anyway. Same as the time of 105 yen burger,Burger King's direct-baked meatThere is a feeling of luxury close to.

And the tomatoes and pickles are not strong taste of taste, even people weak are not easy to eat, thanks to the benefits of bacon flavor, thanks to the very volume, it is getting tired of eating I will. I felt like I could spice a little more, but all the editorial staff were evaluated as "delicious". Is not this a pretty good thing?

Wendy's Super Mega Wendy's

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