Standard poster stuck on American student dormitory Top 10

A classic poster stuck on a student dormitory in the USA. There are many standard posters in Japan, but there are also some peculiarities in the United States as well. What kind of things are classic in American student dormitory?

Details are as below.Ten.Ukiyo-e is popular surprisingly

9.The Beatles' last album "Abbey Road"

8.Al PacinoStarring movie "Scarface"

7.Pictures of women

6.Poster of Mixology. It's a cocktail periodic table.

Five.ClassicSalvador Dali

Four.Inspiration poster. Predecessors' advice will be better.

3.Famous for "dancing like a butterfly and stinging like a bee"Mohamed Ali

2.Poster of the university. Is it love school heart?

1.Speaking of reggaeBob Marley

What kind of things are classic in Japanese student dormitories? It becomes matter of concern.

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