Street fighter IV game screen is first released

The game screen of the latest series "Street Fighter IV" for the first time in ten years since the launch of "Street Fighter III" has been released. Previously introducedPromotion movieIt has realistic character shapes like that, and the expectation for new works will increase.

Details are as below.Street Fighter IV Unveiled news from

According to the article, the graphics are polygons, but the game seems to play like 2D, and you will operate with 6 buttons as before. Ryu and Ken as well as Chun-Li and Darushim appeared in the appearance character. There is no information about the platform, and it is a mystery whether it comes out with an arcade or a consumer.

Mobukara in the background is still suitable drawing, but will it be upgraded from now?

Other details are said to be revealed in the January 2008 issue of the American game magazine EGM Magazine.

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