Pictures of cats showing brilliant jumps

The supple body of a cat's body at the moment it jumped is very beautiful. I tried collecting photographs of cats during such a jump. There are various kinds of cats, such as cats fascinating brilliant jumps and cats flying as if they are flying in the sky.

Details are as below.
Matrix style jump

Transformation pose

A splendid leap

Anything will catch it


From jump to landing.

Jump toward the wall

Is it on the wind?

While jumping, looking at the camera

Give that mouse!

My child is staring at me

One full of speed

I caught something

Owner excited

It looks like it is blowing behind

It looks like Superman flew away


Funny looking face

It's like a trampoline player

It looks like a Puma logo

By horstgeorg

The shadow that runs behind when everyone chatters

By paolo tinari

Dynamic Jump

By o205 billegeCreative Commons

I will not give the ball to anyone

By LittleCloud99

High Jump

By van strapp

A cat that uses walls, as if he were Captain Tsubasa Wakashimazu-kun.

By wAk3sK8SnOWsuRF22

Dive in bed

By HeatherShade

Cat attacking, cat not moving

By eledaCreative Commons

You will fall into the sea

By * MAR

sucker punch

By iwishicoulddescribeittoyoubetter

Other photos are from the following.

Cats can fly! (38 pics)

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