A picture that looks as if he had delivered "wave fist" or "Kamehame waves"

Unleashed skill "Hajikensho" that appears in Capcom's fighting game "Street Fighter" series of high popularity around the world and "Kamehame Wave" of "Dragon Ball" animated with Toriyama Akihon's same-name manga It is like a kind of photograph.

A funny scene was taken with a little ingenuity.

Details are as below.
This is that picture. I wonder if they are getting power.
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The other player blew away. It seems as though it looks like a wave fist or a Kamehame wave has been drawn out.

Apparently, it seems to be a photograph taken by using the sunset well, but it may be interesting to try to soak in Freeza-san feeling so that the ball of light appears at the tip of the finger standing up against the sky .

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