It is proved in statistics that strangely named children are more likely to hand crime

Recently, even in JapanThe use of Hiragana and obfuscated Kanji etc. becomes more frequent, It seems that there are increasingly difficult to understand pronunciation and sex by only looking at "light air (Pikachu)" and "love Fu (aitomi)" among others.

These names are pros and cons and are often discussed on the net, but it seems that interesting results have appeared when taking statistics of children who were given "strange names" in the United States.

Details are below.
Odd first names linked to criminality - Washington Times

Do odd names make boys go bad? -

Professor David Callisto of Shippensburg University, Philadelphia State University announced to Social Science Quarterly that the tendency for juvenile offenses to be regarded regardless of race is higher for children less common or heterogeneously named It seems that it became clear that it is strong

In the survey, we set the degree of recognition about 15000 names found in the United States. For example, in the case of Michael (Michael) 100 degree of awareness it is said to be 1 in David (David) 50, Alec (Erlest), Malcolm (Malcolm), Tyrell (Tyrell). And it turned out that the 4% crime rate declined when this popularity increase by 10%.

Of course, various statistics on the relationship between name and crime rate can also be considered, for example, the rate of finding crime is high because police officers in traffic inspection have a higher rate of in-vehicle inspection than rare names It is also considered. General names are also listed on the list of thugs who FBI wanted.

Professor Kallist said, "It is statistically problematic to make a list of names that names should not be a direct cause of criminal tendencies and should not be attached," while saying, "For example, it is a poor family environment, economy There seems to be some connection between social circumstances that are unfriendly or incompatible, such as divorce by parents, which is a less common way of naming and crime. "

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