YAHOO! Search ranking 2007 announcement gathers attention in Iraq and Middle East relations

The other day,Yahoo! JAPAN's 2007 search word rankingThere was an announcement, but this time Yahoo! in the USA Search keyword ranking. The news phrase that attracted the most attention this year was a Middle East relationship such as "Saddam Hussein (Saddam Hussein)".

Other ranking is from the following.
Yahoo! Announces Top Trends in Search in 2007

YAHOO! According to the announcement, in 2007 Yahoo! In the search keyword ranking, the news department ranks firstSaddam Hussein(Saddam Hussein), No. 2Iran(Iran), third placeIraq(Iraq), No. 5Oil and gas prices(Oiland Gas prices), No. 9Afghanistan(Afghanistan), it seems that attention has gained attention to the situation in the Middle East.

It is ranked first in the technology divisionYouTube, Second placeWikipediaAnd popular service in Japan also entered the top. Also, Nintendo's 7th placeWii, Ranked # 8 is Microsoft'sXbox, Sony's 9th placePlaystation 3There are 3 types of game hard and ranked in rank. Is the order of popularity as it is popular order?

Yahoo's 2007 search rankings, the most searched terms of the year? International News: AFPBB News

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