"Mega Burger Chips" is a rich taste like potato chips

I bought "Mega Burger Chips" of Yamagi confectionery and ate it. It seems to be a product that was riding on popular mega recently, but the taste was quite solid and I ate bangs.

Details are as follows.
440 kcal with a bag of 80 g.

A large amount of redish powder is applied to the chips. The fragrance appeals quite appetizing.

up. Tint that insists that the taste is dark.

Tomato flavored powder and mayonnaise flavored powder are added to the umami of onions and meat, and it is quite rich taste that does not stop as it starts to eat. It is a seasoning with a solid feeling that will surely be pleasing if friends are gathered for a while etc. It seems to be preferred for those who do not like the strong taste.

Yamagi confectionery

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