Puzzle game "3D LOGIC 2" connecting panels of same colors

It is a puzzle game that connects the same colors using three sides of a cube.The previous work "3D LOGIC"Compared to the background and music is luxurious, the basic has not changed as it is. As usual the difficulty from the middle stage is quite good.

Details are as follows.
MyGame.com presents 3D Logic 2 - a fun game built by our members

title screen. You can resume from Continue when you interrupt.

When Story is On, a story is displayed every stage clear.

As you move the mouse, the cube moves around and moves left and right to color the panel. If the rotation of the cube is annoying, you can fix the cube by pressing space key. Also, you can change the color being selected with the mouse wheel.

The cumulative time is now displayed on the upper right corner.

When it becomes around 5 × 5, once it becomes clogged, I want to throw it all. Currently, it is in frustration at level 19.

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