Puzzle game "ORBOX B" to move your box to the goal

It is a simple puzzle game just to move your box to the goal that glows red. Since the box can not stop until you hit something, you have to think carefully what route you are going for the goal.

Details are as follows.
Orbox B online flash game logic puzzle

Just choose the direction you want to move with the cursor keys. When it can not be solved by all means it restarts with space key.

The more the blue spots on the route you moved, the higher the score. If you go through the same place twice, it disappears, so let's move as much as possible with one stroke.

Touching the block with the number exploded in 9 seconds. You can also explode as soon as you try to move in that direction again.

There is no goal and there is a place where it clears if you erase the whole explosion block.

Block whose direction of travel changes by 90 degrees.

Warp also appeared.

One left and left out.

Clear by touching all four sensors from four directions.

It is going to go around like this.

In the latter half it will only be strange stages.

I want to operate the central sensor somehow.

The stage where the wall can not be seen at all.

I will feel fumbling and move.

On the final stage there is the word "ORBOX".

If you can not figure out how to solve it, it is a good feeling to refer to since the numeric links under the game are connected to the solution movies of each level.

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