Anime producer criticized Ni X ○ ○ movies severely on internet radio

Anime production company "Geneon Entertainment"Handling the introduction of contents such as movies, DVDs, animation, etc."Showgate"Internet Radio by Industry People Who Does"Gokai of fake · · · p It is a news conference SUPER!At the other day, there was a dreadful criticism about the current situation that animation is being uploaded to video sharing services such as YouTube and ni ○ ○ movies.

Details such as what kind of remarks were made are as follows.
To listen to the net radio radio story click "the 4th broadcast" on the following link. The 4th guest is an animation "Samurai ChamplooIt is Mr. Tetsuro Satomi who produced and produced such as.

Gokai of fake · · · p It is a news conference SUPER!

Around 19 minutes and 30 seconds the broadcast began to mention about the media that is provided free of charge on the net, and there is a talk about the fact that animation is being uploaded to YouTube, ni ○ ○ ○ movies, etc. from there. The main remarks are as follows.

"I will appreciate YouTube's system, but I have not said anything that you ought to upgrade what you do not have the right (copyright). Recently ○○○○ (Note: There are various noises in this part in the broadcast, and it can not be heard) It seems like a movie, though. It's a bit of a problem. "

"There is a sense that I came to technically come"

"I did not give out money, against what the person made sweaty"

"There is something close to equaling that we borrowed a record and recorded it on a cassette tape and gave it to my favorite girl, but productivity and time and labor are explosively different."

"YouTube is interesting.I think that the system that people see the creation things that I made is ant, but there is no right for you to raise the things we made, but as a place of expression There is "

"I can not make a awful lot for anything that was broadcast on a loud TV, so I will ask the official's decision at the time of delivery to the station."

"The video privilege of this previously made Docuro is outstanding and it is up to the ○ ○ ○ ○ movie"

"It is going up to the next day on sale day"

"I want to say to the raised person, you are a criminal, that's because you gave the individual's right to what you bought, but the right to show it to an unspecified large number of people is like this I have not given it either way. "

"I guess the customer does not know if I do not say it."

"I have to pick up somebody by hanging up, so I've recently thought that I should pay compensation of 100 million yen or so, or if I do not do that, I do not do it."

"It will not sell if it is copied and rose. If it keeps it, the price of animation will rise Banban."

"There are people who can not eat by your distorted good intentions (by copying), free creators will not eat meals"

"And for the" infringement correspondence program "of a certain ○ ○ ○ ○ movie, when you register the registration form that the subsidiary of ○ ○ ○ is a right holder to the company and register it It seems that ○ ○ ○ will provide a specialized tool. With that tool, you can delete moving images (○ ○ ​​○ ○ movies) without complaining "

"We should defend ourselves"

"That's what it is for illegal upgrades on our site"

"It is interesting that it is us to respond to infringement, so do it even in the middle of the night."

"It's funny this."SMILEVIDEOWe are working on the protection of intellectual property rights through handling of the Terms of Service and coping with allegations of deletion of videos from right holders in the uploading of videos etc. "So, what is the result we are working on?

"It was a conclusion that we should work around it,"

"I am stupid, so I do not know which thrush has been brought down to our promotional promoter, but it seems that I came to get advertisements.The thief is fierce or I do not have a shame either, you guys. I became very sick. "

"Mr. X ○ ○ ○ movie is an epoch-making system that allows you to escape from saying" You can upload (movies) without permission. "

"Is it like a store where the shop does not involve accidents in the parking lot?

"But Yankees with spray cans are sitting next to the parking lot. There are a lot of incidents that will happen, is that Yankee a problem?"

"Although I'd like to say something individually, I think that we should ask for the negligence of the company that provides a place where illegal upgrades can be made, but I'm sure you should ask the negligence responsibility of a company that is illegal, . I want to ask the quality as a human being. "

"If you want to acknowledge officially as a place of advertisement, you have to think about correspondence a bit more, it is not NG shedding free, and there is a way to sink,"

"The fact is that animation is not going to sell.Of course there are problems with too much quality and number of books, but it is certainly one of the reasons why this is also one of the reasons.What is the shakuhachi made for customers who bought DVD I was surprised that Shana 's image benefits were summarized and uploaded. I did not do it for showing it free.

"From the standpoint of the audience side, there may be something to say but from the viewpoint of the rights holder it feels like" mischievous. "The system itself is not bad, but we can not respond to being illegally upgraded I guess that it would be better to quit such a system.Amathilla We can only think that it is mad that we can do (delete) oneself to the rights holder "

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