YouTube and Warner partner

On September 18th local time, YouTube and Warner Music Group Corp (WMG) announced a partnership. It is said that WMG artists' behind-the-scenes scenes, interviews, original contents will be distributed on YouTube.

For a moment, I suspected my eyes but it seems to be a fact. It would be nice if you just grow up without collapsing like this, but where users' reactions are concerned.

Details of the alliance are as follows.
Warner Music Group and YouTube Announce Landmark Video Distribution and Revenue Partnership(YouTube Press Release)

Warner Music Group and YouTube Announce Landmark Video Distribution and Revenue Partnership(Press Release by Warner Music)

For WMG, it seems that this partnership has been reached because we believe that the enormous amount of user community that YouTube has is attractive, and that it is an advantage to approach many potential users and existing users.

Apparently, copyright reporting system will be installed on YouTube in the future, and the YouTube community (participant) will be able to legally pay fee for part of WMG's content using this system It is like. In addition, WMG side and others can use this system to trace how contents provided by the company are used on YouTube. It is expected to be able to charge and others.

In other words, the system that WMG has rights are incorporated into YouTube by paying usage fee, it seems that YouTube and WMG divide the profits generated by that system.

This system is scheduled to be installed at the end of the year, so that each record label, TV network, movie studio etc. decides how to legally use its contents on YouTube, how to charge, what to do with rights etc You can do that.

Especially the excellent point of this system is that it is a system which automatically judges copyright. It seems to automatically identify and upload content uploaded to YouTube and help solve royalty problems. I wish I could do that kind of thing ... What I really thought would come true ....

In addition, YouTube was founded in February 2005, and now it seems that 60,000 video files are uploaded every day, 100 million pageviews per day.

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