I tried calling each search engine about the disappearance of the image search result of "Hatsune Miku"

As beforeThe topic "Hatsune Miku" image disappears from the search result"As I mentioned in the article that somehow it seems that the mysterious situation of disappearing from the image search results is occurring but I asked the following search engines each company to ask what is going on It was.

Details are as below.
· Answer from Google Inc. Public Relations
Currently under investigation. It just happened to be falling out of the result, not something wrong. It will return to the image search result. Always return.

· Answer from Yahoo Japan Corporation Public Relations Office
We confirmed that the search result was zero. Technically and realistically, I do not know whether the search results have changed since last night. However, from what point on "Hatsune Miku" I did not do something in response to an inquiry from the outside at the present time. We are currently investigating and want to display the search results according to the query properly.

· Answer from Excite Corporation Public Relations
Image search is Yahoo! Because it is the same as Mr. Yahoo! It will be the same as the image search result of.

· Answers from NTT Resonant Corporation (goo)
When modifying search results, "illegal case" or "case where there is a problem". In that case, we may change the order of search results, but at this time we do not do anything because we recognize that there is not such a problem with "Hatsune Miku". Also, there is no claim from anywhere about "Hatsune Miku".

· Answer from PR (Live Search) of Online Service Division, Microsoft Corporation
Face image search has been added since August and text searching has been strengthened since entering October, but the image is not being strengthened. It operates in the same way as before. Until now, a general user has Yahoo! Although I did not compare the image search results of Google and Mr. Google with the search results of Live Search, I might not have understood the difference, but I think that this case will be understood. I do not have anything to do with other companies, but I am confident in the accuracy of image search.

· Answer from Livedoor Co., Ltd.
The answers by e-mail are as follows.

Although it is our image search, it is targeting blog articles, and almost covers the domestic blog.
For that reason, as for "Hatsune Miku" "Nekokan", which is exciting at the center of the net, search results with high consistency are displayed.
So it can be said that it is a relatively strong image search on the Internet epidemic.

That's why the opinions of each company came out, but there seems to be various circumstances. In some cases there was a case that it was supposed to be batting with a call from another news site during the telephone call for this case, which took quite a while.

To summarize, it is not necessarily the case that some companies or interested organizations pressed pressure on the subject of this case, and did not move by planning to hit "Hatsune Miku", but ratherThe difference of "the skill of image search engine" has come outIt is only that. Up to now I thought that "Google is the best" for every search, apparently it seems necessary to change the recognition.

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