Rats head for rats to avoid famine in India

Mizoram State in the northeastern part of India has awarded prizes to rats that continue to suffer extensive damage. When we submit the tail as proof that the mouse was killed, it is said that a 2 rupee (about 5 yen) reward will be issued.

In medieval Europe, rats seemed to be used as demons and witches, and it seemed to have been said to be ominous, but the damage actually given to humans seems to be considerable.

Details are as below.DNA - India - Mizoram offers cash rewards to kill 4, 00, 000 rats - Daily News & Analysis

Since about 400,000 rats are likely to hunt crops in a wide range and famine, the province of Mizoram prepared 800,000 rupees (about 2.39 million yen) and started a campaign to eradicate rats from October 5th. This movement will be continued until December 15, but the period will be extended as necessary. According to officials, hundreds of people already have rows in rural agricultural bureaus with rat tails.

The state government invested 20.5 million rupees (about 61.37 million yen), trying poisoning to control rat threats from 2004 and inviting experts from abroad. Even in 2002, I had a rupee prize of 1 for a mouse, but it was paused in 3 years. The prize money project has been resumed because of the increasing number of rat injuries in recent months, said James Lalsianliana, a rodent regulator.

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