Prison prisoners violate the vulnerability of tablets and stolen more than 20 million yen

by Thomas Hawk

364 inmates sentenced to prison in Idaho state stole the vulnerability of the tablet to use the external digital service and steal a total of 225,000 dollars (about 25 million yen) Was revealed.

Idaho prison inmates exploited tablet vulnerability to steal $ 225,000 in credits - The Verge

This time the victim was exploited and exploited by the company called JPay, a tablet dedicated to inmates. JPay has made the prisoner himself / herself / his / her family to purchase tablets, the inmates offer digital services such as purchasing e-mail, music, etc., remittance from family members to inmates.

JPay said that it is a private company contracted with a prison, rather than operating the service by the government's aid. It is said that inmates using tablets can open a JPay account and the inmates can purchase various digital services using the balance in the account.

A spokesman of Idaho Department of Correction announced that "hundreds of sentenced people vulnerable to the JPay tablet and intentionally increased the balance of the JPay account." I did not explain what the vulnerability of the tablet was like and why hundreds of inmates could be misused, but it is shared about how to increase the balance between multiple prisons I think that it was.

by Walt Stoneburner

JPay has already recovered $ 65,000 (about 7.1 million yen) out of the illegally padded balance. In the period until the situation is settled, JPay seems to limit the use of digital services of inmates, and seems to be unable to purchase services such as music and games other than e-mail.

Most inmates have inflated about $ 1,000 (about 110,000 yen), and even the highest inflated amount was about $ 10,000 (about 1.1 million yen). Spokesperson of the Idaho State Correction Bureau said "It is a deliberate misconduct caused by multiple inmates' behavior, detailed knowledge of JPay's system," and is a large-scale crime committed I have said that.

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