Approximately 100 whales stranded on the coast of England, if one remains, their peers also remain and the dangers of extinction are also

Whales may be launched into the land due to weather and foreign enemies, but this time around 100 whales seem to have stranded in the coastal part of the UK. The whale that stranded this timeGangdoo whaleAnd this species has the nature to cooperate in the group to protect itself, and if a wounded friend remains on the shore, the group itself will stay on the shore, there is a danger that all whales will be stranded Rescue activities by volunteers are taking place.

Details are as below.Fears of mass whale stranding as experts rush to Western Isles to treat injured mammals | Mail Online

The stranded whales. It seems that it is about a group of about 100, and at least about 20 seems to be wounded to the head by the boat bottom or reef.

Gondwale whales are highly intelligent among mammals and are known as social and altruistic acts, and even if one head is hurt and there is a whale that has become immovable from the shore, the companion will be on the shore to help that individual It is pointed out that there is a danger that a large number of whales will stranded and die as a result.

Dr. Mark Simmonds, a member of the Protection Association of Dolphins and Whales, says, "These animals cooperate in finding food and protecting themselves from sharks, if one goes sick, Even if you make a mistake, we are going to attend together. " In addition, according to Calum Watt belonging to the Scottish Anti-Abuse Prevention Association, in 1993, 7 of the whales rebelled as well were rescued by the rescue team and could go off the coast, but eventually all of them It seems that he returned to the shore and died.

Barnacles stuck to the bottom of the boat, for example, easily slice the skin of the whale, so it seems that many of the whales who stranded have been injured on their heads.

The stranding of the whale was discovered this time is Loch Carnan in western Scotland. It seems that volunteers from BDMLR (British Divers Marine Life Rescue) are headed for rescue of whales throughout the night. There is no choice but to pray to avoid the worst situation of annihilation.

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