YouTube appears on Google AdSense and it becomes a new income source

For those who write blogs, they are a variety of affiliates that are a small income source,Google AdSenseThere is a new movement about. This is because "YouTubeMovie as it is Google AdSense "Video UnitsIt seems that it makes it possible to earn new revenue from posted movies on YouTube.

Details are as below.
Google opens new content distribution channel on AdSense

In the following AdSense official blog, Google AdSense Video Units actually using YouTube is displayed.

Inside AdSense: Introducing video units

Advertisements are displayed at the top of the YouTube movie and at the bottom of the screen during movie playback, and can be erased by pressing the "×" button at the bottom of the screen.

"Google AdSense Help Center"According to YouTube's partners, this video advertisement should be displayed automatically according to the content of the site, whether to automatically select from pre-selected categories, or whether Google's content matchYou can choose either, It is possible to display one video unit on one page.

Revenue is generated according to ad clicks or impressions, this video unit part can be customized for color and size.

Please note that when you use the AdSense account and YouTube accountI need to linkAnd that. Currently it is only available in English, but it seems to be available soon in other languages.

From when will it begin in Japan, this. Because video advertisement knows that click rate is considerably high, expectation is large.

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