I received a potion of "FINAL FANTASY VII", so I tried drinking it

As a result of the tenth anniversary of the release of FINAL FANTASY VII, 77 7777 sets of fully limited product parts have passedBooked on AmazonIt arrived from. The price is 3980 yen.

Even so, it was released today, I reserved it in July, so I forgot completely. Okay, what kind of taste will you recover your physical strength this time?

Details of exciting excitement are from the following.
Next time the "FINAL FANTASY VII" partion is released limited - GIGAZINE

This is a package, pretty heavy

There is a character of potion properly

It is made properly by Shinra Company

10th anniversary

Behind the box

Occasional faces

The box itself is made of paper. So, the heavy one is not the box but the contents itself.

Looking from the side like this, the thickness like the dictionary

I will withdraw if it slips

Appeared in a double van with a mandarin orange. An atmosphere like a box of whiskey somehow ... ....

A small box on the top is a potion, below it the book "FINAL FANTASY VII 10th ANNIVERSARY ULTIMANIA" that covers related works of "FINAL FANTASY VII".

Try to drag and drop books

It is as if I feel like this

This side is like this

So this is the box of the potion itself. It is sealed properly.

Explanation of how to open

Contents is like this. I can not find a coloring fee this time.

I opened it.

Here too the Shora company logo.

It is perfectly blue

Light saber-like

This side is like this

I brought it in my hand. It feels good.

The atmosphere is pretty good, maybe it is better than last time.

I tried removing the top cover. After all the contents are normal.

It seemed like a strange health drink somehow

I also tried removing the bottom. Only a glass bottle has become.

I wonder if I can get the upper part as well?

I took it off. Loose.

I summarized it.

Even though the glass bottle itself has its own atmosphere, it only looks like a ramune bottle.

So, when you pour into the cup ... ... that? water?

It is colorless transparent even if you see it. And the amount is just this. It is 100 ml.

Apparently the bottle itself seems to be colored. If this is the case you can also add potions and paddle later.

So, the taste itself is exactly a unique health drink flavor of royal jelly formula. There is a feeling that it is going to be healthier rather than energy recovery. I drank it at once.

Among them, will not the third bullet run out when you forget?

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