Potion of "FINAL FANTASY VII" starts reservation cheaply on Amazon

The other dayI wrote that I do not know where to contact the reservationIt is a potion of "FINAL FANTASY VII", but I received a story saying that reservation began in the Amazon from today. Moreover, it seems to be available cheaper than the suggested retail price announced on the official website.

Details are as below.
The genre is "Health & amp; Beauty" instead of "Game".

Amazon.co.jp: FINAL FANTASY VII 10th ANNIVERSARY POTION Health & amp; beauty

SQUARE ENIX siteAccording to the suggested retail price is 3980 yen (tax included), reservation is accepted at 3790 yen (tax included) at Amazon.

Cosmetic box.

Potion bottle made by Shura company.


Inner box.

Capacity is the same as premium bottle of "Final Fantasy XII Potion" which was released before 100 ml. Raw materials are sugar (fructose corn sugar liquid sugar), royal jelly, dolomite, acidulant, fragrance, caffeine, preservative (sodium benzoate), vitamin B6, vitamin B1. Coloring matter is not stated.

Although the shipping weight is considerably heavy as 7 kg for the content amount of the potion itself, is the bottle and the enclosed book "FINAL FANTASY VII 10th ANNIVERSARY ULTIMANIA", or is the cosmetic box heavy?

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