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Rakuten Research Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc. investigated,The use of multiple mobile phones is progressingThat's right. About 10% of those who used mobile phones and PHSs in the survey, about half of them surveyed are used in private and at work. WILLCOM is the most common carrier with 48.8% of conversations with frequently talking parties, and the second is 24.4% of SoftBank. Again, it seems that there is a high tendency to choose a company that introduces a plan for which the calling fee is free between the same models.

So, tomorrowSeptember 14. In 1862, the Satsuma clan wrestled British mortal burglar incident, and in 1938 Zero war prototype was completed. In 1959, the Space Exploration Machine "Luna 2" collided with the moon, became the first artificial object arrived in the moon, and in 1978 the animation "Ginga Railway 999" TV began broadcasting. In 2001 Nintendo GameCube was released. Also, besides being born in 1769, Alexander von Humboldt, also known as the father of modern geography, Akira Yokozawa and Eikichi Yazawa in 1949, announcer Akira Fukuzawa announced in 1963 Born, Dante who wrote "The Divine Comedy" died in 1321.

Today's headline news.
I have never been there but ~ "Why Moba Gow Town is amazing" Junya Ishino (review: Kenro Hayami) (1 daily book!) NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(A new point centered on advertising models, not mobile and charging models)

DeNA Nanba president speaks about advertising value of Moba gateown: mobile channel - CNET Japan(Mobile, some examples of advertisements actually deployed are introduced)

Munchener Brucke - Do not forget the abnormal era of the first half of the Abe cabinet.(Politics, I recall the time when the support rate was high)

【Emergency Talk Ryuichi Teshima × Shigeo Abe】 Resigning "Prime Minister of the Lost Country" Resignation (Top): Shigeo Abe Editor-in-Chie Blog: FACTA online(Endlessly commented that the ability to manage the crisis was crucially lacking to the prime minister who should be professional in politics and politics)

The report of "politics and money" has turned into witch hunting - business style - nikkei BPnet(Politics, writing an easy-to-understand example that everyone believes in it and has one easy-to-understand subject that carries justice)

It's awesome Google reader figures. I also expect Japaneseization! - GoogleMania | How to use Google conveniently(Internet service, it seems to be multilingualized soon)

Empress who supports Google, Marissa Mayer: Nikkei PC online(Google, a variety of work is interesting)

Synergy between technology and society - Internet situation in the United States: blogs, SNS, video posting ... Here is the big gap between Japan and the US! - ITmedia Enterprise(Net, blogs in the United States are differentiated to those dealing with information exchanged by individuals and those handling specialized information managed by multiple famous bloggers, and have a great influence on public opinion formation)

Polar bear waste basket (general belonging) - Undead bloggers who wander on the Internet(Blog, content to be shudder with only bad attributes)

Reason why the homepage fails. Learn from mistake without succeeding examples | Web personnel Forum(The president is the culprit for most of the reasons for failing in Web production, site creation for small business)

Before pessimistic about talent that has mediocrity or less | Sumi Sun blog(Talent, "If you have mediocrity or less talent, you can do it as much as you can eat")

Open Tech Press | Hidden features of less-known man commands(Linux, bookmarks and commands can be executed immediately on the spot)

Obtain 100 passwords of embassies etc with anonymization tool "Tor" - ITmedia Enterprise(Security, use the problem which is not encrypted in the third exit node)

MOONGIFT: >> Let's add CAPTCHA to the form "SOLMETRA FormValidator": introduce open source every day(Countermeasure against spam, CAPTCHA generation library that can be used)

OS: Vista's share remains at XP at 5% level - XP: - IT: MSN Daily interactive(Software, OS used by company)

So-net blog: KARI diary: "VOCALOID 2 Hatsune Miku" Production without music knowledge ..(Music making, it is very interesting to understand how struggling is struggling)

Take a closer look at 2 popular models: Try 2 wireless LAN routers of 802.11n draft 2.0 on the day when our wireless radio exceeds 100 Mbps (5/6) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Wireless LAN may be faster than wired 100BASE-TX in some cases)

Long-hit digital word vocabulary (digital goods ☆ lecture): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(You can actually create data by yourself, not just hardware, English words)

"Flocking" on cooling fans, a new approach to silent - @ IT(Hardware, quieting by growing hair on feathers)

Capture card "PV4" sale Digital video recording & copy also(Hardware, successor model of "PV3" that can capture terrestrial digital broadcasting)

Health risk of mobile phone use, not short term = English study excite news(Health, 6 years research results)

WIRED VISION - Implant implants RFID chip, risk of carcinogenesis(Health, part of the mouse embedded in the tip in 1996 to cancer)

Shopping channel of TV mail ordering is reforming logistics (from Nikkei Information Strategy News): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Mail order, behind the scenes of the live broadcast TV shopping program "Shop Channel" that lasts 24 hours and 365 days)

The West of the West 4 The Future of the Net Talked about (Tomorrow's Tomorrow): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Do media, newspapers and magazines get ruined by the net?)

Speednetter Nintendo Laughing Famicom Too Extreme Videos Collection(Game, instant death and Hamari are plentiful)

【2ch】 Succeeded in cracking the new speed quality new PSP. Self-made software operation ok. That is, emulator ok.(Game, was it cracked already?)

"Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII -" Looking for a new PSP bundled version There are over 250 rows in Ikebukuro! - Famitsu.com(Game, some female buyers also)

GameSpark - "Halo 3" It was laid off after opening the box before release. Unusual notice to all employees of GameStop(Account deleted until 7992 years for those who have entered the trial test by the strict guidance system for games and users)

Something Orange - Magomo Nagano insult.(Manga, justice rather than insult)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: 15 countries in the world. Compare illustrations of textbooks(Textbooks, patterns are quite different depending on the country)

The earthquake spreads out between middle and high school students(Dema Mail that a major earthquake occurred on the 13th in the prefecture and a tremor of 6 to 7 was observed at Toyama City etc., causing serious damage)

Things Cambodian children taught Do not rely on the country, rely on yourself (Watami president Miki Watanabe "I will not rely on the country anymore"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Donation, safety net is not originally "system to increase lazy people", and we have to see what the donation was used to the end)

Tweets of a former lawyer about fact finding(How to judge trial and evidence)

From alfalfa mosaic "Thread to change the direction of the story by 180 degrees by changing part of the dialogue"(Remodeling, quite funny if you know the original story)

"Sweetness" and "Salty" become habit! "Hokkaido chocolate potato" new release(Food, cooked with salt in potato snacks with chocolate)

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