Technology to convert the sunlight of space into laser and use it as energy appears

According to NHK 's report, Osaka University and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and others have jointly developed a new technology for utilizing the sunlight of the universe.

This technology collects sunlight with an artificial satellite on a geostationary orbit and sends it to the earth by converting its energy into a laser, so it is possible to send energy for one nuclear power plant from one artificial satellite Thing. It seems like something ridiculous technology.

Details are as below.
NHK News New technology development utilizing solar light in space

According to this article, the technology jointly developed this time is a technology for converting the sunlight collected by the artificial satellite into a laser, a ceramic which converts a metal such as chromium and neodymium into a laser at a certain ratio into a laser at a certain ratio By using it, it became possible to convert 42% of sunlight energy into laser.

It is more than four times more efficient than the conventional conversion technology, and if it is put to practical use, from one artificial satellite launched into a geostationary orbit of 36,000 km over the equator, it has energy equivalent to one nuclear power plant with output of 1 million kilowatts It will be possible to send it. And since it collects sunlight from outer space, unlike the solar power generation on the ground which is dependent on the weather, it is possible to obtain constant energy all the time.

It is a very epoch-making technology, but I wonder if the aim of the laser is shifted like comics, and there is no fear that some city will be burned away.

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