Does a magnetic refrigerator that does not require electricity appear?

It seems that scientists at the University of Denmark developed a method to cool things using magnetism instead of electricity. When the refrigerator using this method is completed, it does not require electricity for cooling, so it is more environmentally friendly than the conventional refrigerator.

Not only will it be environmentally friendly if it is realized, it will be a refrigerator that is friendly to your wallet.

Details are as below.
Magnetic refrigerator needs no electricity - Denmark - Official website of Denmark

According to this article, researchers at the Technical University of Denmark, a Danish university, have found a way to thermodynamically reverse the temperature by using a magnetic field, He seems to have succeeded in lowering the room to 11 ° C. I covered it with GIGAZINE beforeMagnetic refrigeration system that rotates the permanent magnet to lower the temperatureIs it the same method as that?

Although it seems that the development of the prototype of the refrigerator using this technology seems to be after 2010, it is said that 60% better cooling efficiency will be achieved than the current refrigerator.

And although it is an interesting price, it is said that it takes time to become a popular price, but it seems that it is said that very good quietness is high as merit.

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