The heroin poisoning elephant is protected in China

There seems to be amazing things in China in general. The withdrawal symptoms of this heroin addicting elephant were intense and it seemed that it was enough to cut off the chain which was connected.

Details are as below.

Illegal traders drug elephant in bid to sell herd

According to this article, Chinese authorities protect this elephant near the border with Myanmar in Yunnan Province of China. The elephant traffickers were feeding heroin to bananas and giving it to the elephants in order to make it easier to control the flock of wild elephants. This idea is amazing. And it is decided by a group that this elephant is discovered.

Originally this elephant was sent to a neighbor safari park, it seems that withdrawal symptoms were intensely transferred to the tropical wildlife park of Hainan Island and treated. The treatment method is the same as human heroin poisoning treatmentMethadoneThe dose is 5 times that of humans. Truly an elephant.

And, because heroin poisoning of this elephant managed to be healed for a year, it seems that it will soon return to nature.

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