In order to prove the murder case, the prosecution is looking for a woman who thrusts his head in the toilet

In order to prove about the murder case, she seems to be looking for a woman who will thrust her head into the toilet in the USA. It is a pretty difficult condition to find already, but it seems that a person with a height of 172 cm has been designated to fully reproduce the murder scene.

Details are as below.
Woman sought to stick her head in toilet to help murder trial - Halifax Today

Looking for women is a prosecutor Al Moustakis of Villas County, Wisconsin. There was a case that Genell Plude was drowned in a toilet, but Genell's husband, Douglas Plude, claimed to be suicide. However, the prosecution is saying Genell was trying to get divorced, arguing that Douglas had committed a crime, placing Genell's head in the toilet after placing a headache medicine as a poison and letting him drown I will.

And, in order to ascertain whether Douglas's saying is true, he seems to have searched for a woman of the same size as Genell who passed away. Denglas argues that Genell was not energetic before dying, Douglas insisted that he drank medicine by himself and drowned, he said he tried to restore consciousness when he found a falling wife.

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