A 7-year old Muslim boy will be treated as terrorist three times in the United States

A 7 - year - old boy who was taken to a Florida trip for reward which was a good grades at school has been treated as a terrorist three times. It is this time of year so I know to be wary of terrorists, but it is a terrible battle against children.

Details are as follows.
Seven-year-old Muslim boy stopped in US three times on suspicion of being a terrorist | the Daily Mail

A 7 - year - old Javail Iqbal who lives in Blackburn, England, went on a holiday trip to Florida, saying that the school 's grades were good. However, when I attempted to board an airplane at Manchester Airport with my mothers, I was stopped because I had a name on the watch list. The family will be held for three hours until all security checks are over.

Finally, with Orlando, Florida, the family spent a vacation at Disney World and elsewhere. From Orlando it was about to move to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but it stopped again at the airport. This time the ticket was canceled unilaterally by the authorities, and it became a chance to eat a stool until Javaid's identity could be proved.

Javaid Your father and anesthesiologist Nadeem Iqbal says, "My son has taken trauma, I do not want to go to the US anymore." "The system interacts with name, birth date and other information We should refer to it, "he says he is currently considering whether to rename the child.

Javaid you saw this because the Pakistani man called "Javaid Iqbal" with the same name as him was arrested in New York after "9.11". This Javaid seemed not involved in terrorism, but he seems to be banished from the United States, being charged with fraud because he forged documents. For this reason, even now the name "Javaid Iqbal" is said to be security related to any airport system in the United States.

They may have moved from Saudi Arabia to Britain in 2002, which may have been a cause of warning.

From a common sense point of view it seems unlikely that a 7 - year - old boy will suicide bombing, but in the United States after 9.11 it seems that such a sweet idea should not be taken.

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